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These short stories are compilation that will be added to its original novel books. It has fables for children, romance, futuristic and many more.

Adventure / Romance
Melvs Writes
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Story One - Seisho's Broken Heart

Seisho is a 34-year-old Japanese-Filipino middle-aged man. An emotional, passionate guy and a one-woman lover, trying to cope up with being always concern and protective with a freshman college girl named Rovin. He is so afraid for this girl, is somewhat a carefree girl that makes fast decisions about anything in her life. Rovin has 2 boyfriends and Seisho is not one of them, for Seisho to her is just an older brother. But deep inside, Seisho is truly in love with her. The only thing that stops him from courting her is their large age gap for Rovin is just a sweet 16 girl.

And as days go by, Rovin is also falling little by little to Seisho, without knowing their feelings towards each other have grown from strangers to friends, greeting each other with hello’s and a warm smile as they meet almost every day in his own snack house- fond of each other, him treating her with the specially baked chocolate cake which is also her favorite thing to eat inside the snack house, and her calling him “Kuya” (which means older brother), for they were the only child in their families longing for a sibling to love- and to lovers, as they both realize that a simple goodbye is not anymore enough for them, they kissed as they separate for the day. At first, as it is very normal, but now every time they meet the atmosphere changes – hiding from their friends and relatives their relationship.

And people tend to notice, bit by bit having slightly caught from their conversations and gestures by people who are close to them and sees them. A thing that’s also always in the mind of Seisho is his jealousy to Rovin’s 2 boyfriends, for she does not want to break-up with them that sometimes she even brings them to the snack house. She can go public with them because they are the same age as hers, but for Seisho, even though they have that relationship it is in secret, it is forbidden.

And one-day Seisho asks Rovin to go-out with him, they’ve watched a movie dine in a cozy restaurant. Having a wonderful time with the company of each other that suddenly Rovin whispered to Seisho, “Take me somewhere we can be alone and talk without anyone hearing.”

Seisho who doesn’t have any experience at all took her to a Hotel. They’ve traveled four hours just to reach their destination to a place they are both not known. Their Burning love scorched them down. And after what they did, the girl said to Seisho this is my gift to you, for you have told me that you want me to be your lifetime partner that you want to marry me and grow old with you. Which I can never give or do for these three reasons:

Our age, your responsibility, and I going to another country in one and a half years’ time.

”You are my first please cherish it” – she said. Seisho cried, crying out loud lying in her chest and as tears fall down on his cheeks still kept saying – please don’t leave me, please be with me, Rovin not saying another word, they got up and prepared to go home and then as they walk along going outside, she grabbed him and close the door in front of them, hug him intensely and said “Sorry… I am very sorry.” For she did not say everything, she kept one thing from him; she’s dying and only has a couple of days to live.

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