Realities of Tragedies

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Purpose is something that every living and non living being has, It decides our value and faith so what happens if a being was born into this world without purpose. Well my audience, my name is Nicholas grey and here you'll see how I lived my shity past, present, and maybe my future. To summarize my story, my story began with a tragedy and then I met three certain kids that brings me a lot of trouble on my goal to find a safe place,unfortunately I met a man with a group that brings another obstacle on my goal. They're annoying, but what they did to me was something I could never ever forget. Do you wanna know why my story began with a tragedy? What kind of person am I? How i live my life in an apocalyptic world? What kind of trouble did those people brought to me? know what they did to me? Well too bad, I'm not the kind of person who gives answer in fact I hate sharing this story to another world, because what's the point of scribbling bunch of words if your other readers will just binge it through the end of my story. Honestly this is a one of the most tiresome goal that my guardian ever gave me, so don't you dare waste my efforts on nothing, because this story is about how I was believing in something that wasn't supposed to be believed in,or so I thought. It's funny how tragic or good your life turns when you meet certain people with different intentions

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Was all my entire childhood based off,nothing more nothing less,too boring?,well it doesn't matter what you think,you know why?,no?.then let me tell you a story about boy,who was fucked up by one of the most oldest or still enemy to adults,which is …reality.

Once there was a boy who was happily believing in life as if it was worth it,as cliche and laughable as it sounds,he believed that there is always goodness in every people's hearts and everyone's lives are valuable no matter how good and bad it is,or he thought so.

As the boy grow,reality began to screw him with every possible ways.

from forming friendship to be betrayed.

from understanding people to be misunderstood.

from caring to be hurt and lastly from believing comforting lies to be demolished by hurtful truth as we society call it reality.

It's disgusting how bullshit of our human minds work,I know but the story doesn't end there,you see.

The boy got sick and tired of reality beating him up,so he decided to find ways to stop it,little did he know reality was not easy to change,he was to weak to change it.

It's was a fact he can't change how his reality works nor eliminate it,so he came up with the last solution.

And here is the funny joke,his solution was erasing his existence,to be more precise he meant ending his existence,it was impossible to erase what he experienced in the past but he can end his existence before reality can land a another hit on him.

I know what you think he's so weak,but that's suicide! and it's a sin,that's no excuse to kill yourself,what a weak hearted loser,now shut up! and no thinking,just listen narrow minded idiots.

The solution was the only logical reason in his mind to stop reality beside he doesn't have any friends to begin with,and his family were all dead,even his mere existence was a mistake,but the only obstacle blocking his bridge to Death was a man who took care of him after his family's death.

one day the boy had the chance to end his life when his guardian was busy and he only needed just three step away from a cliff near the sea to end his existence with sharp point chiseled rocks,enduring the clash of ocean wave.

At first step he thought of how naive and weak he was and all his beliefs were were just comforting lies that protects him from reality.

At second step he thought about what he experienced and struggle in the past and discovering hurtful truth and living without purpose,he was just a useless kid with no purpose nor value.

At third step he was about to defeat reality with one more step but at that moment he began to doubt his solution,would he even win if he died?what was the purpose of his reality?why would reality hit him to begin with?and realization surge through him that no matter what he plan to do,reality will always win if he always took it hits.

Suddenly the boy stop and cackled a cry one after another then another to the point his suicide attempt stopped but his desire was flamed with determination to change his reality but in order to do it,he mustn't let others control his reality that where he got things wrong,he always let others control his reality and now,it was his turn to control theirs to change his reality,to live no matter what happen,to survive.

That's pretty much how the boy's story end.

If you ask me what was the point the story,then you are an idiot,because I just wasted my energy talking to stupid brainless being.

Enough of the boy's pathetic story,and let me introduce myself to you naive people.

My name is Nicholas Grey,and my existence is a mistake.

Mistake as in error in life,like I was never planned to be born.

I remember how I was raised before the apocalypse,yes apocalypse but let's talk about that later.

Anyway if I were to describe how I was raised I would say,ironic,funny,dissapointing.

Come to think of it,you should've seen the glare on my excuse of a father whenever my naive innocent self look at him,oblivious to the fact that I myself was born mistake.

Unlike both of my older sister and brother they were born with his blood,sure they got some of his physical trait crystal blue eyes and blonde hair but they treated me like I'm their brother.

A brother who has an ink black hair with a bit physical traits of their mother or should I say our mother.

But anyway

no matter how much they treated me like I'm important to them,my mind will always remind me of how much of a mistake my existence is.

Thinking about my existence made me sick,i wasn't born with the intention of will nor love,I was born with the intention of lust and fear,and because of that.

My existence is just a remnant of what father hated,because to him,I'm just a nasty remnant of my mother's corruptor.

As for my mother she was the opposite of how my father treated me,she treated me like I was her own son despite of my existence as a remembrance of her corruption,it made me even feel guiltier for living beside her.

I have always wondered why father didn't convince her to get an abortion if he was that disgusted by me.

Did I get my answer?

Of course I got my answer and it came from father but it wasn't sugar coated,not even slightly.

It was three days before my 9th birthday on 13th of March,it was night then and my father and I were in the living room while my mother was still at work treating patients,and as for my older siblings they were doing their homework.

I was reading my bed time storybook that my mom always tells me whenever I sleep.

"Nicholas why do you think you we're born?"he asked snatching my attention from the book as he flip another page of his book.

I smiled"because you and mom loved each other"i answered with my chest rose up with confidence

He close his book and looking amused at my answer "cute but not close enough"commenting as he smirked causing me to lose confidence.

"try again"

"I-i don't know"i muttered,not knowing what to say

"come on ren try one more time,but this time,I'll give you a hint"he said as smiles

I swallowed my saliva and nodded"o-okay"i uttered

He wander up to me,and lean down just close enough to my ear and whispered.

The memory of what he whispered to me years ago attached itself inside my mind,i didn't even had the strength to answer him then,because I refused to believe him,that he wasn't my father and that my existence is a mistake.

And leaned away from me as he looked at me with a smile,but it wasn't a genuine smile.

To make matters worse my naive self knew the answer after the hint and silently cried,it's also the day I lost my ability to talk.

Mother thought that there is something wrong with my throat,so she decided to check me up by one of her doctor friends,and according to her friend it was a psychological problem.

My mother cried and ask me many times of why can't I talk,and I couldn't answer her no matter how i struggle with answering dad's whisper will always remind me and little did she know the cause of my problems was behind her smiling.

Living as a mistake and being mute was a pain in the ass,if you ask me,people would be all friendly at the beginning but when they get bored of you,they will just use you as an asset to entertain their selves,free themselves from punishments or worse,survive.

Even a child knows how to use someone by instinct,and how should I know?,well children took advantage of me because I'm mute and to be honest those children are cowards for not receiving their own punishment.

But I don't blame them,and it's normal,that's how humans instincts works to begin with,because it's reality and it isn't like dream where it's filled with sunshine and flowers while playing with friends,no it isn't at all.

Because dreams are just beliefs in form of protection from harsh reality,at least now you know I'm a realist not a dreamer,but when I was a kid i've always loved fairy tail stories where the main character save the people he cared about,and what kind of relationship he has with different characters like friends and family but reality decided my life wasn't going to be like the main character in my storybook.

You see,the difference between the Main character and me is that the main character life began positively to happily ever after,as for me my life began negatively to sequence event of tragedy and I don't even know if I'll ever get a happy ending in a fucked up apocalypse.

apocalypes the third tragedy event of my life,but our apocalypse started uniquely with an unexpected eclipse,it was two days after second tragedy of my mother's death,it was day my life turn to hell,father and my siblings grieved for mom's death that day.

I wasn't even allowed to attend Mom's funeral even though she was all I ever had,as for my father,his hatred grew and he advance from ignoring me to Abusing me,my siblings will always hide me from father whenever they can to stop the abuse,but that doesn't mean the shattering inside me will stop,it'll just go on until I was mentally shattered into pieces.

I have no friends and no one understands me except my siblings,i was born mistake,and for some reason I can't talk,my Mother is dead,my dad hates me,and I'm living with no purpose nor value,what a life huh?, It's perfect,horrifically perfect.

Let's get back to the apocalypse before I bombarded you more with my pathetic life,the apocalypse started uniquely with an eclipse,it was the first day of week there wasn't a scientific explanation of why an eclipse happened that day, because it was too sudden like it was out of nowhere,trust me if we knew we could've already known at news channel or even social media.

As Day by day after the eclipse,I started to inspect things like hollow people drifting around but my attention was only on the one who I thought to be dead,my heart was beating fast and I wanted to scream that day but I couldn't,however I can tell you one thing for sure,that eclipse wasn't typically normal.

One week.

One week,that's all it took for Society to reveal it's true nature,i can still vividly remember the process as if it was a week ago.

On first day after the eclipse people fell asleep including me,no one knows how or what kind of phenomenon was it,but the aftermath was in crisis.

On the second day,people woke up but only to discover that Every transportation were in critical situation,planes already crashed into different part of country while sea transportation lost their direction and as for motor vehicles,some survived and some crashed into one another,it surge many people worry to call their relatives.

On the third day,the government decided that people should stay at home in order to fix the transportation crisis but it doesn't mean that the people who have died in crash can be fix,it caused many relative and familys to grieve at their tragedy.

On the fourth day.another strange phenomenon occured snatching the society attention,individuals from different countries acquired strange abilities like moving objects,enhanced speed,super strength,and sadly enough,I've got an ability as well,but it was none of what I've mentioned.

The news were high lighted in every plat form of social media,and according to the news reporters,no one knows what the origin of the abilities but the individuals thinks that the eclipse might have something to do with it,but in fact this abilities appeared on first day after the eclipse,it just some people didn't noticed it.

On fifth day,a diversity began,the individuals took advantage of the situation and used their abilities for their greed,people were in riot while others in panic, and strangely enough the government didn't help either,the government solution was to eliminate them and based on what I remember,people deducted the government were responsible of strangers disappearance,and there was a variety of theories of government experimenting on those what the society called gifted,but to be honest might as well call it a curse if you ask me.

In the last 2 days,the final phenomenon occurred,it was a nightmare,every social network were shut down,the government was demolished,but the worst part was these cannibals appeared without any warning,the government was blinded by the gifted while these massacre creatures lurking behind the shadows without any notice.

The aftermath was devastating,catastrophic,bloodbath,painful but to put simply,it was a tragedy.

The society was vulnerable,it was every man for himself,i was all alone,and i hated myself that day,my siblings died because of me,i didn't know what to do next,i was just a rape child walking around surviving.

Until someone I met took care of me,i didn't know why he did it,in the past I thought it was illogical to burden yourself with a child.

Ten years passed by,we almost died because of people we trusted so he taught me how to survive and not to easily trust other strangers,read and analyze people's abilities like weaknesses and strength,we even studied the undead creatures and their abilities to avoid dangerous situation.

During inside the ten years I was suicidal but my guardian was there to help me and as for my ability,it made me worse,seeing spirit is not an ability i wished for especially seeing the ones you loved spirits knowing the reasons of their death but then again no one wished for the apocalypse.

However,jeremia,the one who took care of me,discovered that seeing spirits isn't my original ability it was someone else's I came contact with and according to his research he came to the conclusion that I have the ability mimic the abilities of another being.

He told me when I was nine,I was unconsciously using different types ability like moving objects,teleporting people and other strange abilities,but whenever I use it,I become exhausted,too much exhausted.

He had hard time figuring out what my ability was,one day,he realized that my abilities are the same from the people we encountered,except it doesn't explain how I still see spirits in dreams,sensing other individual's abilities or why do I still have them.

My ability causes me to sleep a lot with a headache and reset the abilities I copied.

The only explanation Jeremia told me once,was that I used my ability to it's full potential unconsciously due to a traumatic event on two people and permanently copied their abilities and as we grow we adapt and develop our power but it was only a theory of his,and of course I didn't believe it.

Too good to be true,well no shit,my abilities has It's own ups and down,which is a pain in the ass,and I decided to rely on my intellectual knowledge and surrounding to win or avoid fights in many ways than my ability.

Beside just because I gain their abilities through physical contact,it doesn't mean I know what their abilities does or I mastered their abilities in a second,unless if your ability is high intelligence,beside my abilities are useless if i were in 1v1 situation.

The point is my ability has Its own limits just like every other abilities.

Jeremia was good at observations during those years with him,he helped me a lot even with my psychological voice problem,he tought me not to owe him my life but he said it because he care about me,i don't care if you see me as a selfish rude person or not but during my life in an apocalyptic world,i'm pretty much sure betrayal is a common thing but I'm not a heartless person.

I'm just a realist and my story began with a tragedy

I know it's awfully said my audience but it really began with a tragedy.

However it was a tragedy with different kind of conciquences,not in a negative way,it was more of a positive way.

It was a tragedy that never in my life thought it change how I viewed the world.

It was a tragedy that led me encountering with strangers that might give me a hint to my value.

To my purpose...

To my life…

It was...a tragedy into the unknown started with three children

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