Narrative Writing - Case of the Missing

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Ashley has gone to a concert but only to find out the love of her life superstar has been kidnapped. The manager has set a reward for the finding of the superstar. Now Ashley and her 3 friends have set a goal to find Josh the superstar. Read this story to figure out what happens!

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Chapter 1

“Ashley are you ready to go?” My mother yelled up the stairs.

“Almost!” I called out, rushing to get myself ready.

“Okay, come on, we are going to be late because of you,” said Mother, in a rushed voice.

“I’m done. Coming downstairs.” I replied.

My parents, my older brother Max and I got into our Highlander and drove off to the concert. Once the concert had finished my family and I went backstage. When we got to the back of the stage, we saw all the crew members going crazy, some were running around as if there was a fire or something. I stopped one of them to ask

“What’s going on? Why are you guys running around?”

“It’s Josh. We can’t find him anywhere; plus, who are you and why are you here?” the man asked in a skeptical voice, as he stared at me, dead in the eyes.

“Oh, I’m Ashley and I was allowed to meet him. What do you mean you can’t find him?” I asked, still utterly confused as to why the man was skeptical of me.

I can’t blame him though. I would be confused and worried if someone went missing on my watch, I thought to myself silently praying Josh was alright.

“He told us to leave him alone in his room. Then after 5 minutes, we heard him scream and we rushed in there only to find him gone.” The man continued the story, “We have searched everywhere, but we cannot find him.” The man quickly looked over both of his shoulders, unsure if someone was around or not, then returned his gaze to me.

“Have you informed the police yet?” I asked.

“No, because we were going to announce that whoever can find Josh gets $1 million and gets to go around the world with him.”

“Oh wow! Well then, I better get going.” I was excited yet scared, as I turned and started to jog away from the man, eager to start the search. I was nervous about what had happened in that room.

“Wait up! You can’t just start now. You have to wait for everyone else.” The man called after me, as he hurried to my side. I slowed my jog to a halt.

“Fine. Then I will just go and collect my friends and tell them the news.” I turned my head to the man, to see a glint of fear in his eyes.

I have so many questions. But I know they cannot be answered. I bet he does too but doesn’t have answers either.

“Okay, bye.” The man replied in a flatly toned voice, as he rushed away.

“Bye,” I said, once again starting to jog to go find my friends.

My older brother Max, my mom and dad and I went back home. I texted my friends to come meet me at my house because I had to tell them something really important! Once I had told them about Josh going missing and the reward for finding him, they got so excited that they all started searching for him. But first, we needed to head back to his room to do some investigating. I asked my mom if she could drop us off where the concert was, and she said yes. So, when we got to his room we started investigating. After what took an hour, we found a piece of paper that was under his bed, under a carpet with an address on it. It said 2276 Tenth Line Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 0X4.

“We might find Josh at this location,” I said, fear weighed in my stomach like a stone.

“Yes, he must be there because it also says; ‘COME OR DIE’!” Julissa says in a scared tone, nervousness making her hands shake.

“Okay. Let’s go!” I yelled. It was easy to see that this was unsettling for everyone, but I knew we needed to go, and quickly.

Once we got to where the address said to go, we found out that it leads us to the Orléans Sobeys. We tried to go inside, but it was closed, and the doors were locked. We all scattered around the warehouse and tried getting in from one of the doors. I went to the back door and pulled. It opened.

“Guys, come over here, I found a way in,” I whispered, glancing over my shoulder to look at Julissa.

“Okay, we’re coming,” Julissa whispered back to me, fear made her voice shake slightly.

When they all came to where I was, we headed in. We found that everything inside was all messed up. All the food was scattered around the ground, things were smashed up, and all the money was stolen. There were only a few $10 and $5 bills on the ground. We went to where they would keep the extra food; the storage room. I went in first because the other 3 were too scared to go in. So when I got in, I looked around and saw everything scattered around the ground and some of the boxes were ripped apart. In one of the corners, we found 4 passed out employees, and a note laying beside them. Julissa picked the note up and read it out loud so all of us could hear.

“You thought this was the location that your superstar is, wrong! Keep looking, you’re running out of time!” Julissa read, trembling as she looked up from the paper, her eyes showed fear as she stared at me.

“Oh shoot!” I shouted, slightly panicking.

“Don’t say that. We will find him sooner or later,” said Amelia, though her voice is very confident.

“Later?! How late do we want to get, Amelia?!” I yelled, anger surging through me. “Today was supposed to be the best day ever. I was supposed to meet the love of my life, my favorite superstar Josh! But no, I can’t because an asshole kidnapped him!”

“Well… today I also wanted to meet him but…” said Eve mumbling in a hushed voice.

“Nobody cares that you wanted to meet him. I am talking about myself! I wanted to meet him!” I yelled. The anger seemed to have been bottled up inside of me.

“Let’s just go,” said Eve, sighing reluctantly.

Amelia and Julissa took me by my arms and dragged me out. Eve was leading them. I stopped and shrugged their hands off me. Then we heard a scream. Not a female scream but a male scream. It was coming from the other side of the room. I started running towards where the screaming was coming from. Once I got there, I stopped because I had to wait for the others to catch up.

“Who is it?” Amelia whispered, staring at where the scream had come from.

“I don’t know, I had to stop because you three are so slow,” I whispered back, confused, but intrigued.

“Well, can’t you check now?” asked Eve, her eyes glued to where the scream had come from as well.

“No duh, I’m about to,” I answered back, I was slightly agitated that we haven’t gone to check it out yet.

“Jeez, you don’t have to be so mean,” Eve says, looking at me, rolling her eyes.

“Sorry,” I say back sarcastically, sighing.

After a moment of silence, I glared back at Eve, Amelia, and Julissa. Eve had dried up tears on her cheeks and Amelia and Julissa were playing rock, paper, scissors. I looked at where we had heard the screaming and there lay Josh on the ground. So, we all got hold of Josh and dragged him outside. I called my mom and asked her to pick us up.

“Mom, can you pick us up now?” I asked in a scared voice, the feeling of fear made my stomach turn.

“Sorry dear, but I am at an important meeting and so is your dad.” mom said, her tone of voice, concerned, but doubtful.

“Then who is going to pick us up? We found Josh and he looks as if he isn’t in good condition.” I said, my voice hushed.

“I will call one of the crew members and tell him to pick all five of you up ok?”

It’s the only thing I can think of at this moment. I tried to assure myself.

“Sure, but please hurry up because he is heavy.”

“Ok then, bye.”

“Bye,” I said, shutting the phone off.

After what felt like hours, I saw the man that I had originally talked to at the concert. I ran toward him and told him to help us carry Josh in the car. When Josh got into the car, we headed to a hospital. Once we got to the hospital, we lay him down on the bed and they took him in the room. After about an hour and a half, the doctor came out and told us that he is out of danger, but he needs to rest.

“Can I go meet him please?” I asked.

“Sure.” the doctor said.

When I went in, I saw him lying on the bed. He looked hurt. He had a cast on his arm and he had bruises all over him. I felt really bad for him. Then he looked at me and just stared. We kept staring at each other without saying a word. Then he said something.

“Who are you?” He asked, in a quiet tone.

“I am Ashley Jhonson. I am one of the 4 people who found you.” I said, slightly relieved he was at least awake.

“Does that mean you saved me?”

“Yes, I did and so did the other 3,” I said, correcting him in a soft tone.

“All four of you?” he asked, as he blinked his eyes trying to wake up fully.

“Yes. Me and my 3 friends Julissa Lennox, Amelia Jennings, and Eve Walker.” I answered, smiling.

“Can you tell them to come in too? I want to see who they are.”

“Yes,” I said. “Guys come in, he wants to see you three!”

“Ok, we are coming,” Amelia called into the room.

Once they came in, all five of us just talked about who we are and stuff like that. Then our parents came and picked us up. Dad picked me up and we went straight to where the concert took place. We got our $1 million rewards and went home. They promised us that once Josh had been healed, we would get to go around the world with him.

2 years have passed now, and we are all settled into our new lives. My friends and I would usually go and visit Josh. But most of the time he wouldn’t be there because he goes on a date with his girlfriend. Now that he was better, he would go out with her 4 times in 2 weeks because they both were going to get married in less than 4 months.

’Odd right?

We still don’t know who planned to get him kidnapped, but I swear, we will find him.’

“That’s all it says-” A detective said, closing a small book.

“I wonder what happened to him?”

The End

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