The Chronicles of the: HOPELESS

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Two hopeless strangers find each other, and decide to spend the rest of their lives with each other. While a spontaneous pact will intertwine their souls forever. *Not the cliche you would think*

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Just stop your crying it's a sign of the times"


The city of Los Santos was never quiet. It didn’t matter where you were, the Hills or the Slums. There was always something happening, a party at the gigantic mansions in the Hills or a drug bust happening somewhere in the Slums. The point is you couldn’t escape it, no matter how hard you tried.

Shea was currently fighting a migraine as she sat in the corner of the room, at yet another infamous Hills party, watching the rest of her friends having fun. She let out a tiny groan as a guy sat next to her on the tiny couch. She preferred avoiding social situations and this entire day had felt like a weird fever dream. She pulled her phone out as the boy started talking to her.

“Hey mamas-“she didn’t catch whatever else he had said and she was too busy messing with the setting app on her phone. She raised her bottle of water to her lips only to be disappointed when the cold liquid didn’t fill her parched throat.

“Hey sorry I have to go.“She said absentmindedly to the guy as she got up, already walking away.He let out a noise of surprise, he thought they were vibing.

Somehow the music was even louder away from the little corner. She could feel the beats of whatever hip hop song was playing inside her chest, as she swerved between swaying and grinding bodies. Everything was a daze, the room was dim with hues of blue and soft red patterns and flashes of white light blinked to the beat of the music occasionally.

She felt as though she wasn’t inside her body, as if she had astral projected and was in another world. She managed to make it to her friends who were all smiling and dancing with each other. She stood a few feet away where they couldn’t quite see her and observed how well they were with each other and felt her chest tighten with the realization that she would never have that.

That sense of belonging and being loved. She would never be able to be comfortable with those girls to the point that she could share secrets, and get naked in front of each other to compliment one another. Or even something as small as having inside jokes.

She frowned at her thoughts and stepped forward into the group.

“HEY SHEABAE”karly, the optimistic redhead yelled over the music as she embraced her friend. The other girls soon joined in surrounding Shea. “DANCE LOVE, THIS IS ALL FOR YOU.”

“ACTUALLY SHAE. WE WOULDN’T BE THE GIRLS WE ARE TODAY IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU.“Velma, the blonde with a red solo cup in her hands. All her friends started joining , telling her how much they loved her. All empty words they probably don’t realize they’re saying in their drunken haze. They most likely wouldn’t remember them in the morning.

And maybe they did love her, but Shea knew that it was shallow. No one in the Hills knew how to love anyone but themselves.

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