Best friends forever/ no longer

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This is about how two girls met in the 5th grade and has been friends for about 4 to 5 years but then her friends start to try and pick online guys over her best friend. So her best friend blocks all of her social media.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

Hey, I’m Rebecca and I’m currently 14 years old. I will tell you some about myself so you kinda understand the story. I had to move around a lot so I didn’t really have one place to stay and didn’t really get to keep my friends for long. Until I moved to Georgia and finally permanently moved here. That’s when I met my best friend Reily Maine’s, she didn’t really have a lot of friends and she looked alone so I went up to her and talked to her. She was very cheerful, beautiful, funny, goofy, and an overall amazing person.

Reily was thinking “she looks so shy and quiet” when Rebecca walked in the classroom for the first time. Rebecca eyes Reily because she noticed she was starting at her. Luckily for Rebecca and Reily they got sat next to each other and that’s when they started to talk more and more. It’s like they was best friends forever. Rebecca and Reily loves recess time because they could be as loud as they wanted and play together without no problems. Rebecca didn’t really have many friends the kids was always mean to her even when she was nice to them and was just trying to make friends. ( they are in fact still the same way till this day. Four years later.) Rebecca was so excited for a fresh start because she’s always been the outcast in every school. Even tho she gets bullied a lot Rebecca doesn’t really say anything to the bullies. The only time she says anything to a bully is if they are bullying someone she cares about. One time Rebecca fell asleep during class, but she wasn’t really asleep. She overheard someone saying “wow she’s already falling asleep in class she looks fat when she bent over like that.” Becca started to think “wow not even finished with my first day and I’m already getting teased” the year went by super fast. Rebecca was excited for it to be summer so she can go swimming with her family and play around in the water.

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