The End

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When nuclear bombs destroy our world, forcing people into bunkers, one man has to survive the countless dangers The Wasteland has in store. Mutated creatures, humans, radiation, and more plague the devastated land, and although surviving all of that is a challenge, there are bigger things at play.

Adventure / Mystery
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It’s been 3 weeks since the bomb first dropped. Right now, I’m laying on the ground, cuts, bruises, and scrapes everywhere on my body, bleeding to death. Maybe going in a highly radiated zone with just a RAD-suit and a 9mm pistol wasn’t the best idea. I grab a bandage from my backpack and start to apply it to the massive three gashes on my chest. Half way through, I see it emerge from the lurking shadows and stare at me with stone-cold eyes. He plants his limbs into the dirt, and prepares to charge. I brace myself and raise my gun.

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