Childish Theft

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A story about two children forced to steal to survive. Evie and Tari are 13 year old girls. They have excaped from their foster home.

Adventure / Humor
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Chapter 1

"GET ON THE TRAIN! NOW!" Evie yelled, pulling Tari off the platform steps. Tari looked nervous but hopped on before the doors shut. The girls were both out of breath, so they found a first class carrige and sat down in window seats. "Let's recap, shall we? We left to go to school, attended half of the lessons, stole bikes from the school's bike shed. Cycled to the station, bought tickets, hopped on a train and now we are going to London?" Evie asked giggling.

"We have to tell the care workers we will be late back home though. We need to give ourselves somewhat of a chance to escape that prison!" Tari exclaimed.

These girls had originally been in a care home. They hated it. They didn't feel like a family. So they escaped. As explained but in case you forgot, read the previous paragraph. They just needed to call the care workers so they wouldn't come looking straight away.

"Excuse me ladies, this is first class," the ticket keeper said, " I can't see your parents in this carrige so I suggest you go find them before the carrige doors close."

"Oh we know this is first class, that's why we came in here, BIG MAN" Evie chuckled, "So are you going to stand around moaning or collet tickets?"

"EVIE?! I'm sorry sir, here are our tickets. She's a bit of a trash talker. It's ever so embararssing." Tari replied, her cheeks glowing red.

The ticket man did as he was told, his eyes watering up. Did a thirteen year old girl make him cry? The train journey took forever, but in first class they were able to order drinks and snacks. They were having the best life. They restesd their legs on the table and acted like they were celebrities. The ticket man came back, after composing himself,

"Where are your parents really?" he asked.

"Idk. Go bother another group of people. Sod off will you!" Evie shouted.

The man stumbled away, but reported Evie's behaviorto another member of staff. It was obvious Evie was getting restless. So it was a call from the heavens to hear an announcement from the driver.

"This is your conductor speaking, we will shortly be arriving in Picadilly Circus!"

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