Rain on a sunny day.

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Throughout my short life on Earth, I have battled many obstacles emotionally, mentally and physically. I’ve searched continuously for my fit but will I ever find it, or how will I be able to recognize it when I do. My story captures my darkest moments as well as my brightest days. Come with me as I take you within the rain on my sunny days...

Adventure / Drama
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We are all born unique. Born in different environments that each have a role in our experience of life. Some of us have our fair share of challenges, while some have more than they possibly can handle. Regardless of where you stand in life, I have learnt that it’s best to keep pushing on. Sometimes, we lock ourselves in a dark room, blocking out every light that symbolizes escape. We must not become hopeless in the face of tragedies, depression etc.

Never forget how strong you are. If you ever break, look at it as your chance to be rebuilt even stronger.

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