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News flash- a mysterious death of a cop, kidnapping, and secrets unearthed. Things are just going to get more complicated. Months ago, Gregory Smith killed Frank Thatcher. But what really happened that night? There are more than two sides to every story. Why, there’s this side of the story I have never heard of. Being kidnapped was the last thing on her mind when her mum went missing. All of a sudden, she was thrown into the world of deceit, murders and horror. What happened to those missing young girls who were never found? The only person who knew didn’t live to tell the tale.

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Chapter 1

“Lexie, there’s something that I need to speak to you about. Get into the car.” Smith peered out from within his car, waving at his daughter. All he got was a blank stare.

“Kid, I gotta go, in ten minutes. Please hurry.” He tapped the wheel impatiently.

Alexa shrugged. There was a moment of silence when both parties struggled to find something to say, which will not help erupt into a fight.

“Well then go.” She said finally.

“Kid,” He began but she held up her hand signalling at him to stop speaking. He continued anyway. “What happened between mum and me is something which we have came to an agreement. It’s not your fault. Nor can you change anything. It’s settled.” A small grey cat skittered out of the leaves and darting straight into Alexa, startling her.

“Yeah, since it’s all up to the both of you. Since I have no say in anything, why bother talking to me then?” She smirked.

“I’m moving to Canada. You want to come visit and stay for a few weeks?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Anyway, you’ll be staying with mum. If there’s anything you need, you can call me.”

“Mhm.” She said distractedly.

“Are you listening?”

“You cheated on mum right?” She blurted.

“There’s not what happened.”

“You’re too ashamed to admit it?”


“Alright. Forget that I asked.”

Thinking that she was going to throw up if Smith spoke another word. She turned on her heels and strided off.

The car behind her honked several times and she heard her name being called several times before the engine was turned on and it left the driveway.

“Am I in hell?” She rolled her eyes, watching her dad’s car fading into the distance. “Looks like I’m not gonna see you anytime soon, again huh?” She muttered.

Inserting the key into the door knob, she recalled her dad’s new address but none came into mind. Oh well, forget it. It’s like not she’s going to visit him, right? Over my dead body. A torn page from yesterday’s newspapers fluttered onto the floor and she kicked it away. She gave her surroundings a quick scan. The living room horrendously messy. She spent the night at Grace’s yesterday and she couldn’t believe the mess at her house right now. Yesterday’s dinner laid out on the coffee table. Did mum prepared dinner for her? Didn’t she said she was not coming. Wait, what, food in the living room? Magazines, clothes and newspapers were thrown carelessly on the sofa. A bra laid on the carpet and Alexa shoved it under the television set.

“Mum! Get the hell down! I’m here.” She yelled.

The only sound that greeted her was the ticking of the clock. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she hurried up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

“Mum?” She tried. The sturdy wooden door creaked and slided open with a gentle tug at the door knob.

“Oh my God.” A shirk escaped from her.

She stopped short at the doorway. The bed was neatly made. Clothes were not spread across the room as she had expected. Man, the room was neat. Too neat. It was frightening.

Heck, what the hell was that? Did she cleaned up the room? What about the mess at the kitchen and living room?

Goosebumps gathered at her neck and arms.

Alexa shivered.

Mum was the messiest person alive. She have never once bothered to clean the house, leaving the chores to dad.

Did someone broke in? There’s no way this could have happened. Stop, I’m thinking too much, she blinked.

She backed out of the room. Her hands shooked as she slammed the door shut. Her mother must have cleaned up the room, she chided herself.

The other rooms, to her puzzlement, were untouched. A tornado seemed to have swept through the house, leaving out only one room. Her mother’s bedroom. A chill tingled down her spine.

Grabbing her phone she punched in a string of numbers and watched in disgust as the dial tone went flat.

“Your call could not be connected, please check the number and try again.”

“Your call could not be connected, please check the number and try again.”

“Your call could not be connected, please check the number and try again.”

“Your call could not-“

Damn it! She smacked the phone against the wall and paced, her insides turning into mesh. The last image of her mother’s bloated teary face was vivid in her mind. Her breath caught in her throat when a thought blinked in her mind.


Alexa pushed the thought away. Geez. She’s overthinking the whole thing. Car, yes, I’m going to find her. She’s probably somewhere in the neighbourhood.

However, she could not shake off an eerie feeling, as though she was being watched. She blamed it on her nerves. She made a quick check for the slightest movement behind her. The pathway was empty and the only movement which caught her eyes was the leaves drifting down from the old trees. There was a sudden shuffling of leaves and she flinched immediately.

It’s just the cat, Lexie. Calm down. It’s the cat.

There was no one stalking her. She was imagining things. Turning up the engine, she drove to the nearest cafe.

Voicemail one//12:31: “Dad, it’s me. Lex. Call me when you see this.”

Voicemail two//12:32: “Have you contacted mum?”

Voicemail three//15:00 “Dad, call me.”

Voicemail four//15.30: the number you have dialled is no longer in service

Voicemail four//16.00: the number you have dialled-

Where in the world was he? Why wasn’t he contactable? This is frustrating, she grunted. Then again, he was probably in the middle of a meeting or on a stake out. He could be anywhere.

Should she call the police? Keying in the number into her phone, she was about to dial the call button when she hesitated. What if she have made a mistake? She could be wrong, her mother could be sitting somewhere comfortably in her friend’s house, sipping ice late with full sugar and milk. No, calling the police over a matter like this would be too impulsive.

There was nothing more she could do, except wait for her return.

Defeated, she pulled over at the house.

Alexa hesitated for a while and after making a silent prayer to whoever who could be listening, hopefully God, and opened the door. Please, let mum be home, please.

She tiptoed into the living room, scanning her house nervously. The silence was deafening.

She spotted a faint footprint near the stairs. She scrutinized it and compared it with her shoe. It was much larger than hers. Dad returned home when he saw her voice mails? Nah, he didn’t reply so it couldn’t be him. Then who the fuck did it belong to?

Her heart thumped. Gingerly, she made her way up to the second level. She sniffed the air. The corridor smelled different, somehow. Was that, cheese and bacon? She frowned and bit her lips.

A bad feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. Taking small steps, she headed to her mother’s room. The door was ajar. She was certain that she have closed it before she left the house.

She took another step. Her boots scratched the floor. She swore.

A shadow flashed passed the white walls on the corridor. There was an intruder in the house. She was alarmed. Her senses were heightened now. Holding her breath, her fingers curled around the doorknob.

She threw the door open and grabbed the penknife in her purse.

The room was empty.

Something was wrong. The family photo hanging on a rusted nail on the wall was missing.

She discovered a tiny trail of blood leading from the beanbag to the window. Was mum injured? Icy fingers of fear grabbed her heart. Her breath was squeezed out of her. She gasped.

A floorboard behind her creaked. She jumped.

“Who’s there?” She swung around, pointing a shaky finger to the darkness beyond. Even though it was evening, the house was pretty dark. Shadows leaped and jumped at her from corners. She couldn’t take another heart attack. She moved to the lights switch.

Yellow beams of light flickered close. Someone was holding on to a torch. She swung around wildly. By instinct, she darted down and a wooden stick landed on her shoulders.

She did what every woman in a fight do, she tried to kick the intruder’s crutch. Her legs went too high. As a result, she lost her balance and crashed onto the floor, landing awkwardly on her left arm. Excruciating pain shot through her body.

The kick was delivered at the right spot though. She heard a satisfying groan of pain.

She wasn’t so afraid now. The fear for the unknown would always be greater. Right now, the enemy was within sight.

“What’s your business at my home?” Her voice came out stronger than she felt.

She felt the kick before she could even see it coming. She crashed onto the floor.

A hand gripped her arm. His other hand reached across her back and grasped her neck. He was going to suffocate her. Alarm bells rang in her head.

She dug her nails into his arms. Instead of dropping her, he tighten his grip. “Fucking stop it!” She gasped. She felt like her bones were breaking.

Tilting her head she bit the hand that held her. She tasted something metallic. Skin and blood. Yuck. She almost puked.

The growl was inhuman and deep.

“Fuck,” he muttered and his hold losen.

She squirmed out of his grip.

“Girl, you asked for it.” A smile dangled at the intruder’s lips. He wiped the blood off his arm and came for her. This was like a game to him. For her, it was life and death.

The figure advanced towards her. Taking a step at a time.

She struggled to watch the person’s every movement. She persuaded her dad to give her fighting lessons. It was the basic rule of fighting. She tried to fixate her eyes onto him, visualizing daggers shooting from her eyes straight into his chest.

The fight ended as abruptly as it had started. He have her in an iron vice.

Sucking in her breath, she let out the loudest bloodcurdying scream.

Immediately, large rough hands reached over her face and clammed her mouth shut. The scream choked off mid way into a tiny whimper. She could hardly breathe with those giant hands around her nose and mouth.

She panicked, flapping and kicking around at nothing, in a pathetic attempt to break free.

“Stop moving.” He whispered into her ear. He swung her over his body like she weigh less than a feather, was that even possible (?)

She was dragged into the woods. Was he murdering her? Burying her here? Shit. What the hell was wrong with that lunatic.

Hot tears sprung out of her eyes. Many ways to torture someone you hate flashed into her mind when her body hit the ground.

The earth sloped and slanted to meet her her in a bear hug. Her face connected onto the ground with a hard hi five. She swallowed some strands of grass and soil particles. Coughing and gagging, she spit out the mud and grass.

That person was not even even looking at her. That fucking-

Hands grabbed her from behind. She screamed, as though she was sititng in a roller coaster. All of a sudden, with a jerk, her carriage dropped forward and went down.


Into hell.

He pulled a sack over her face. She clawed and scratched at it to no avail. She could feel the hands pulling her. There was a flash and a click, right before her head started spinning.


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