The getaway beauty

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( new story about a teenage girl and her boyfriend) They finally won a trip to this beautiful place

Adventure / Romance
Lalan Keanu
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The school contest

(Chapter 1)

Hi.My name is 16 and I have a boyfriend.his name is Zach.he us sweet and funny.Once there was a contest at school for a trip,I didn't know where we were going for the trip,but me and my boyfriend wanted to go there.i won the contest and got 2 tickets for the trip,I didn't know who to take.My bestie or my boyfriend?I kept thinking,the day we were leaving my bestie and boyfriend both packed their bags.

(That's when I didn't know what to do)

I said I'm not gonna go,and I gave the tickets to my bestie and my boyfriend,but then the teacher gave me a free ticket that means me,my bestie and my boyfriend went,and it was only us,we were gonna stay the for 6 months.thats when I was curious,is the place good or bad?we finally got there and it was gorgeous

(Stay tuned for chapter 2)

(Special thanks to Elle)

(Chapter 2 coming tomorrow)

(Thanks for reading)

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