The story of 3 people

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They made it.its so lovely at night

Adventure / Horror
Lalan Keanu
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Night time

(Chapter 2)

I love this place it's so gorgeous at night.My boyfriend loves it.

(IDK if he loves me more)

We got there in 7hours it's so beautiful and big,its amazing at night and day.I called my mom and told her about how we got here,and we also went to Disneyland it was awesome.I found a brand new phone under the bed,I took it and saw it was an iPhone 11.I called the teacher and asked why is there and iPhone 11,he said it was a present for winning the contest.I took it and showed my boyfriend and bestie,they were was night time and we went outside and sang songs,the sky was gorgeous and amazing.This is the best trip ever

(Chapter 2 came early)

(Special thanks to Elle)

(Chapter 3 can come out at any time)

(This is a story not a novel)

(This is based on a true trip)

(This is a series)

(3 chapters left)

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