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A journey of a adolescent young boy in prehistoric africa

Adventure / Fantasy
Dhilip Kumar
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Year : 2019

Place: somewhere near north-east of Nairobi(capital city of Kenya)

It was a bright sunny day and group of archaeologist started exploring a pre-historic cave which has wall paintings.Cave is situated at top of a small mountain.This mountain is very hard to climb and so, this cave remains intact for many millions years.Its so wide as it can hold upto 20 humans in it and at near right corner of cave it contains a big tunnel system as size of five humans can go at a time.

Those red color wall paintings in cave are really a treasure for archaeologist. According to them, this cave is so special for them as it has contains two preserved skeletons of pre-historic humans and surface of cave contains many stone tools and most important thing is cave remains untouched.Untouched and Unexplored caves are really a gem for archaeologists.

Year : 200,000 BC

Place : somewhere in Kenya

Time: early morning

Sun has just started to show it’s rays to earth. Humans more specifically saying homo sapiens started to gather around hut of Mungu. Mungu is old woman around 90 years old.She is considered as grand parent of the group and they considered her as a servant of God.Sapiens never came out of their hut in dark as they feared they might be a meal for predators.But today it’s a special day for them.In year 200,000 BC sapiens are not still a top predators in ecosystem. Today is day of Utamaduni(a ritual day). Boys of age 18 and people of group are waiting outside the hut of Mungu. They are waiting for her blessings.

This was first time for haasi to stand outside of Mungu hut. Till now he was a carefree boy roaming and playing with his friends but from now on its time for him to become man. He along with his three friends are standing outside of Mungu hut. Mungu’s voice appeared shakingly.

“so these are four boys for Utamaduni” she said in prehistoric language. Slowly Mungu came out of her hut and started staring at the boys.Mungu was fully wrapped her body in thick fur and dried leaves. Only her old face and hand was visible. Her hair has became so white it was difficult to distinguish between white fur and her hair.

She looked above and closed her eyes, raised her hand and started chanting in unknown words and then she kept her hands on head of four boys. People gathered around started shouting and started making noises.

Slowly she opened her eyes and started staring at the boys.

“today is the first day of utamaduni. These years you four were boys and after next 30 days you will become man. You will become powerful man in wild. You will one day lead us to new world” Mungu said these words seeing the boys.

After getting blessings from Mungu, haasi saw his mother and father for last time. This will be the first time he will live 30 days without his father and mother by his side. He need to make his own food.He need to hunt for first time.He need to take care of himself. He need to sleep alone in wild.Haasi spoke with his mother and father before leaving.

“Maa, I really don’t know to hunt and I’m am really scared of outside “ haasi silently told his mother. His mother gave a look that haasi understand that she is saying to shut his mouth.

“keep this stone tools and flint stones. Close ur target and observe it’s movement before hitting it” haasi father told him. Haasi was silently listening to it. His father gave a spear to him and said “this will help in your difficult times “

Mungu called those four boys and said “ it’s time. Choose your path and return after 30 days without getting killed “.It was a ritual that four boys should choose a four different direction and they will spend 30 days in wild in that direction away from home,away from family, away from their parents. Haasi chose north because his father also chose north in his teens.It was his father recommendation. Haasi took some stone tools and a spear and some fur with him. These were things that was allowed to take.

Haasi silently started walking in north direction. It was a different world outside. Family bonding was so important in early humans and he is going to live without family for 30 days in wild. This is his first walk outside from his home.

Time : evening

Sun started to hide it’s rays. Haasi was walking from morning without even taking rest. He was amazed to see the world outside. He forgot the fact that he should find shelter before dark. He forgot to take food. He reached grasslands.

“so this was the world outside” haasi said in amused voice.

He saw a group of antelope. This was the first time he is seeing this animal and this will be first time he will see all types of animal in wild.

“I never know this creature existed “ haasi eyes wide opened after seeing beauty of antelope and he forgot that will be a better meal for him today. His father would have hunted it.

He silently sat and started observing the antelopes. He suddenly understood that it’s time to find shelter for night.

“it’s becoming dark and I really need to find shelter” haasi told to himself. He saw a small mountain.He went near to it and found that it has a cave and this mountain will be very hard to climb.

“it will be very hard for me to climb but this will be better safe place for me”haasi silently uttered these words and started climbing mountain.

At last he got into the cave and thoughts of food came to his mind.

“I haven’t had food or water from morning. Its really making me hungry” haasi told and he silently heared a flow of water somewhere of course early humans was good at hearing.

He found a river adjacent to the mountains. He slowly reached river and drank water and he noticed that it has fish.

“ hair started to come above my lips and around cheeks and it’s nice to have long hair“haasi said while looking himself in water reflection and started smiling.

Haasi took bath in river.

“I really need to eat now. Let me catch fish. But how? “ haasi started thinking and he thought it will be better that he throw stone at them inorder to get them killed. Throwing stone was one way to use stones as weapon for prehistoric humans.

He started throwing big stones into river and luckily caught three fishes.

“ I think this must be good for today’s food “ haasi kept those fish in his fur and started climbing mountains and got into the cave.

Haasi has learned to make fire from his father and his father also gave him flare stones for to make fire. Haasi took two stones and started rubbing with each other against a dry leaves and some branches of tree that he collected.

“haaa!!! It caught fire. Only useful thing that I learned from my father “ smiled haasi and he kept fish inside fire so that it will cook.

“ tomorrow I really need to hunt for bigger meal”said haasi and he placed all his fur and tools in one corner in cave.

He came out of cave and it was really dark now.. Stars and moon started to shine outside.

“It would be nice if I spend this colorful night with my mom and dad” haasi told these words looking at the sky.

“today night is so chill” haasi started to sleep for the night alone.

Day 2: mid morning and a rainy day.

Haasi woke up from sleep by hearing shouting voices from unknown people. He had slept for long as he was so tired yesterday. He took charcoal from leftover of fire and started drawing a vertical line in wall of cave to mark as day one.

He then saw a group of humans hunting a baby mammoth from top of the mountain inside cave. This is his first time to see mammoth alive. He saw it when his father used to bring killed one for food.

Haasi was curious to know how they are hunting down a giant. He slowly came down from mountain and hided himself inside bushes and observed those humans closely.

“I really don’t think they belong to us” haasi uttered these words to himself while watching those humans.

They were bit different from haasi. They were short and dark. They had broad nose and body of hair and they don’t know to speak instead they shouted and they used different weapons from haasi weapons.

Haasi was seeing them with a wide open eyes. He literally thought that they are different people and he really thought they didn’t belong to his group.

They tried to hunt a baby mammoth but they ran after seeing a group of mammoth charging at them.

“these experienced people also struggling to hunt just like me” haasi said while laughing hard after they ran seeing a group of mammoth charging at them.

After mesmerized by giant mammoth,haasi took charcoal and sand made a red color paste and drew those scene in wall of cave as he seen in morning.It was raining heavily. During rainy times he used to play in rain. But now he took shelter.

Haasi spend the whole day painting and sleeping without eating for the day due to rain.

Day 3: mid morning.

Haasi woke up again after hearing those shouting from the same people.

“they came again like yesterday but today they are hunting a small animal rather than a giant “ haasi quickly got down from mountain and started getting closer to them.

“ I think it’s better to ask them food for today” haasi convinced himself and slowly he hided himself under bushes and got closer to them.

At one point, he kept his foot under a thorn and he literally started shouting without knowing he was hiding under bushes.

Those humans have really good hearing skill than homo sapiens ( haasi). They stared at him and he stood up. They started shouting at him.

He was giving his hands to them as a friendly gesture and they started to throw stones at him. Initially haasi thought they are afraid of him but later they started to throw big stones at him.He kept all his weapons inside cave.He started to run for his life. They ran behind him and they started to throw spears at him.

Hassi was a good meal for them. Haasi understood that they are going to kill him and ran so fast towards the mountains. They were four of them running towards him throwing stones at him.

One person threw a spear it really hit haasi’s left leg and he fell down. He removed the spear from his leg. Two person came closer to him and two were running towards him shouting and making noise.

Haasi was really shocked. At this instance he thought he’ll die. Suddenly, two saber toothed cat took down two person who were standing closer to haasi. Saber toothed cat was top predators at his time. It was easy meal for them.

Those two men shockingly saw two cats took two of their men. They were dead. Cats grabbed them onto their shoulders and dragged them.

Haasi slowly got up and witnessed this incident. It will be him if he didn’t fell down. Those remaining two men started approaching towards him. For them it was meal more important than family relationship.

Haasi slowly limbing and ran towards mountain. He climbed mountains and got into cave.

He sat in right corner, took a spear in his hand, waiting for them. He was severely injured. Blood started to pour out from his left leg.

They within a minute climbed the mountains and saw injured haasi in one right corner. As it was rained yesterday, sand was loose inside cave.

They charged towards haasi fastly and both at same time jumped towards him holding a stone tool towards him.

Haasi swiftly moved to his left and these men fell into a narrow deep hole that was created by yesterday rain.It was really deep. There was sand above the hole. Haasi too dint know a hole existed there. But at the instance he understood that both men would be died.

Year :2019

Place : Nairobi

Archaeologist unearthed two preserved skeletons of pre-historic humans from a cave hole.

They examined the skeletons and found it was new species of human that co-existed with homo sapiens.

How there are different species of snakes like king cobra, python, anaconda and different species of elephant like asiatic elephant, African elephant. There were times it was 15 different species of humans lived on earth. Now, we (homo sapiens) are the one and only human species living on earth.

End. Mwisho.

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