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A child of noble birth that grew up with status and wealth. The childhood one may only dream of was lived by this lucky child who probably isn't aware of how fortunate he is. At least that is what the onlookers believe. That all changes however, when tragedy strikes and power and wealth no longer share the same meaning. A phenomenon takes the world by storm and its up to society to decide what the new meaning of power is.

Moon Bunny
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Chapter 1- A Rare Free Day Gone Wrong

I woke to the sound of hummingbirds singing in a tree near my window. The sun radiated almost blinding light that enveloped my room with warmth. My vision was hazy and everything around my room was a blur. I yawned and pulled the soft covers over my head. I had nowhere to be today. I scored a rare free day and I was going to use it to the fullest.

Just relax and enjoy your day off, I thought to myself.

I drifted back to sleep and woke up a little while after. I was still a little groggy, but I felt far more refreshed than before. I sat up and looked around the large room. It was admittedly pretty plain and only had the bare basics of a bedroom, such as a bed and a dresser. One could argue the bookcase full of heroic tales or the nightstand are luxuries, but it hardly made the room less plain. As I was arguing with myself on how plain my room was, a figure on my right surprised me and I jumped a little.


Upon closer inspection, it was one of the maids.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, Young Master. I just thought you might like some tea. My apologies.”

“Ah thank you Mary. It’s not your fault, I just didn’t notice you.”

I grabbed the glass and flashed a warm smile but her apathetic expression didn’t change at all.

She bowed. “Thank you for your consideration, Young Master. If you’ll excuse me.”

With that she walked out the room.

I really wish she wasn’t so serious, I thought.

I sipped a bit of tea and gently put the plate on the nightstand next to my bed. I felt under my pillow and grabbed my phone, which was right next to my gun.

“I guess I’ll give Tucker a call.” I dialed his number and waited. It rang about three times before I heard a click. In the background, muzzled sound could be heard.

“Hello? You there Tucker?”

There was a ten second pause before I got any reply. Then finally, I heard his voice.

“Yo Arthur, can you hear me?”

“Uh yeah. Loud and clear. What’s going on?”

“Look man, I can’t give you any details. All I can say is stay in your room and lock your door. Don’t let anyone in; not even your father. I’ll be there to pick you up soon.”

“What? Tell me what’s going on Tucker!”

“I’ll explain when I get there. Just stay safe. You got your gat with ya right?”


“Good, I’m on my way.”

Right before he hung up, loud gunshots were heard in the background. Then the phone clicked.

“Tucker? Tucker!” But he had already hung up.

What’s going on? Is it foreigners invading? And if so, who? We were on good terms with every nation in the world. Or at least that’s what Father told me.

As I was brainstorming about what the cause could be, I glanced outside the window and was immediately terrified. The sky, which was bright and sunny minutes before, was completely enveloped in darkness. On top of that, a purple haze was spread all throughout the night sky. I got my gun from under my pillow and locked the door. As I began walking away from the door, I heard someone knock. My body tensed up and my breathing slowed. Heeding Tucker’s advice, I stayed silent and tiptoed away from the door. I sat on my bed and breathed quietly as the stranger continued softly knocking on the door. It went on for about ten seconds before whoever was at the door stopped.

“Sir Arthur, please let me in. I’m here to protect you,” a familiar voice said.

It was Mr. Reginald, the head Butler. He’s been around since before I was born and helped take care of me when I was little. If there was anyone I could trust, it was most certainly him. But as I thought more about it, Tucker’s warning clouded my mind. I stayed silent and waited.

“I’m sorry Young Master, but I’m coming in.”

At first I thought, how is he getting in without a key? And then I saw the door shake. Next thing I knew, a fist had blown through the wooden door. Startled, I grabbed my gun as he broke the door the door in half with a kick. He walked inside and looked around the room. Finally, he looked at me, who was still sitting on the bed gripping my gun.

“Young Master, are you okay?”

“Y-y-you broke the door,” I said timidly.

“Yes, my apologies. I had to be sure you were safe.”

I pointed the gun at him. “Don’t come any closer,” I said unconvincingly.

Mr. Reginald raised a hand up, as if pleading. “Young master, please be at ease. I’m not here to hurt y-.”

But as he was finishing his statement, he suddenly stopped.

“He ordered you not to come any closer,” a voice said. Although it was hard to see the figure behind Mr. Reginald because he was so tall and bulky, I managed to make out a thin figure with scorching red hair, who seemed to be holding something to Mr. Reginald’s neck.


“In accordance with your father’s orders, I have come to protect you.”

“From Mr. Reginald?

“From everyone.”

“Please you two, can you tell me what’s going on!?”

They both stared at me but didn’t say a word. Neither of them budged, but I guess in Mr. Reginald’s defense he wasn’t exactly in a commanding position.

“I am not one of them Mary. You don’t have to fear me.”

“Then why did you break the door down?”

“As I previously stated, I feared he was in danger. You too should know the house is far from safe right now.”

Mary didn’t seem convinced.

“Then why did you wait so long to call out to him?”

“...I didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention.”

I gripped my gun even harder when I realized my arm was getting tired. No one spoke which led to a very awkward silence to the point where I could hear everyone’s quiet breathing. Unfortunately, the silence did not last long when a dozen footsteps could be heard stampeding through the hallway. In front of the doorway, six maids stood outside the door. They all bowed in unison.

“At your father’s command, we’ve come for you Young Master.”

“...Don’t you mean come to protect me,” I asked.

Mary lowered what was now clearly a kitchen knife and exchanged glances with Mr. Reginald.

The maids must have known that they were onto them, because all six lunged after Mary and Mr. Reginald. The first maid attempted to slash Mary, but she she quickly sidestepped her and stabbed her in the throat. Blood flowed as she took the knife out. As the maid fell to the floor one behind her jumped over her and aimed for her face with a blade but was blasted to the wall by Mr. Reginald’s fist. One attempted to sneak past them and charged at me with a knife in hand. She didn’t get far however, as Mary pivoted back and slashed her Achilles’ heel. She then calmly walked over and stabbed her in the back of the head.

The last three ignored Mary and ganged up on Mr. Reginald. He was holding his own but they were so slippery he couldn’t get a decisive blow off any of them. He threw a punch which was easily evaded, but that put her within striking range of Mary, who quickly knocked her out. Mr. Reginald took this opportunity to knock the other two out cold. Meanwhile Mary was walking closer to me, while I, who was clearly in a trance, continued aiming my gun forward while terrified. I didn’t even notice I was still holding the gun up until Mary pushed the gun down.

“Be at ease. You’re safe now, Young master.”

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