Without Her(Land Of The Dead)

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This story is about a successful young man in his early twenties who takes delight in flirting, doesn't believe in love but the adage that says"Money answers all things",his looks pays him off in getting ladies played,but along the line he meets a girl who won't yield to his tricks,taken aback he's determined to get this girl to fall for either his look or his money in the process he falls victim of being haunted,the unexpected happens and he's on the run. Haunted? Yes haunted and you are thinking what's the unexpected that happened,Right? Why don't we go on an adventure and see things for ourselves.

Adventure / Thriller
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Without Her(Land of The Dead)

Without Her💔💔

(Land Of The Dead 💀💀☠️)


(Night before the wedding)

(In Freddie's apartment)

You see Freddie i have done my best,I leave the rest to you.

yes thanks ma'am I appreciate

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us,see you tomorrow darling (Mrs Hart said walking away with her daughter Piper)

Please ma'am,can I speak with Piper for some minutes?

Of course darling after all she's your bride and wife to be

Thanks (he pulled Piper along with him away from her mother's view)

Why are you dragging me like a prisoner? Can't you be romantic for once in your life?

I'm sorry I just wanted to let you know something I'm so sorry

I'm tired you should know that and I want to get some sleep so be quick about it and if you want to call off the wedding fine after all there are a lot of suitors looking for this kind of opportunity you have after all you are not financing the wedding or anything about it and even after the wedding everything will be given to us by my parents all that is expected of you is to put on the damned suit and look good so please why are you still complaining?

I'm not calling off the wedding and I'll have being the one financing the wedding if not your mom that won't allow me lay a finger on a thing cause she feels it's her daughter's wedding and it has to be grand I would have handled everything.

So you can purchase cheap items,for goodness sake you are just a guy from a middle class while I'm the rich kid you should be happy you are marrying a rich beauty queen off

Well I am,your parents are giving us a house to live in after the wedding as a wedding gift which I'm not in support of but anything to be with you, I must inform you that after the wedding my sister will be coming to live with us.

you mean Aliya is coming to stay with us,oh my world! anyways since we will be travelling out of the country for our honeymoon it's fine by me,she can stay till we get back

And after we are back?(he asked raising his left eye brow)

She can stay after all who will see wealth and will decide to ignore it

(he looks at her)We are not after your damned money get that (he said walking away)

Freddie! (she called out and he stopped)

I love you (he looks at her and nods)

I love you too baby


(The next day,

At the church)

Freddie of your own free choice,will you take Piper to be your wife?

I Will

Will thou love her, protect her, provide for her, comfort her, honour her and keep her in sickness and health and forsaking all others,keep the only unto her,so long as ye both shall live?

I Will

(Then the priest faces Piper)

Piper of your own free choice,will you take Freddie to be your husband?

I Will

Will thou love him,obey him, comfort him,honour him and protect him in sickness and health and forsaking all others,keep there only unto him,so long as ye both shall live?

(She faces Freddie,then the pastor)We haven't discussed that yet,What are you insinuating?That he will fall sick and I'll have to protect him (she taps her chin lightly with her index finger)I'll think about it(The congregation starts murmuring)

Just say it and let's get this over with

I Will

(the pastor looks at her in disgust and shakes his head slowly)


(After the wedding)

(Piper runs towards her best lady and hugs her)

Now tell me bestie who's the latest bride in town

you are my dearest friend (they both hug and starts laughing,Aliya walks towards them)

Excuse me please i want to see you(Aliya stops, fixing her gaze on Piper)

What do you want this time?say whatever you wanna say in front of my friend,Talia

I think it's best to leave you to your sister in-law (she turns to leave but Piper pulls her back by the arm)

It's fine(Aliya looks from Piper to Talia)I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me stay at your place with your hubby,it's much more closer to my school and I'll be able to stay with you and my brother once I'm on holiday

(Piper pats Aliya's shoulder) baby girl don't give me that,you and I know you want to enjoy some of my wealth it's okay I have enough to feed your family (she faces Talia)so babe what were we discussing?

(Talia buries her face in her palm and sighs) please she doesn't mean all that all she's trying to say is you are welcome.

you know me better Talia,I never say that

It's alright (Aliya gives Talia a fake smile and walks away)

Don't turn the house into ruins before arrival (she shouts back to Aliya who was far gone)

you shouldn't have said that Piper, she's our age mate if not because she wants to further her studies she will have gotten married too and besides she's your sister in-law,you should accord her some respect.

Respect? Not even my parents can tell me that to my hearing

Well I'm telling you now

you always tell me that, I'm used to hearing such from you but you know what it's one of the things that makes us best friends.

I know right


(In Leonard's room)

(He's on his bed wrapped up under the duvet, watching television when a girl comes into the room)

Leo!(she gets under the duvet with him, caressing and kissing his chest)

What's it this time?

What do you mean? Can't i kiss my own boyfriend?

I know you want something, so tell me, what is it you want?

Well, it's not like that but that shopping mall you donated some money to build up alongside the owner

I saw that coming (he takes the glass of wine on the bedside table, gulps the rest of the wine and drops the glass cup) Yeah so what about it?

Since you donated money to complete the building,I_you see_I_ (she stammers) Baby remember the owner said you can shop there for free at anytime please i want to go shop there with my friends,they are dying to go shop there it's the latest shopping mall just tell the owner and he will approve of us. Only dignities shop there I want to shop there too please.

(He looks at the petite blonde girl with her head on his chest and strokes her hair)

Theresa, I'm not going to call the man to grant you a permit cause the man said so,I'm very certain you and your friends are going to empty the whole mall

(she slaps his chest playfully and he laughs)

Why don't we do it like this, I'll call the man to inform him of your coming likewise your friends I know I'm always welcome there but I'll still like to stay formal about it,I'll call him and you guys can buy whatever you like but he must take his money don't worry all bills on me

Thank you thanks so much (she screams off in excitement) i need to inform my friends about this I'll be back ,I love you so much

(In Harrison club house,the music is blaring,glasses are clinking and everybody seems to be carried away with the fun going on,Leo steps into the club wearing rag jean shorts and a plain white long sleeve clinging to his body, exposing his muscular frame, jean designer boots,his natural long gold dread scattered on his head,his small pink lips in a parted form,his blue eyes shining bright as always,he should have appeared rough and unattractive but instead it's the other way round, seeming to have drawed everybody's breath as usual cause that's his favourite club he comes there often, Theresa's hand and his Intersecting, she's in a strapless yellow gown which is short and exposing her beautiful straight legs covering her feet with open_toe heels of about six inches still appearing to be shorter than Leo but both looking good together.

(She settles on a stool, watching Leo who she had left behind as a result of people greeting and patting him behind, discussing and laughing,they had being stopped five times and she couldn't wait again so she had left him before more people stopped him again,that's one thing about Leo, stinkingly rich, handsome is an understatement,he's more than cute, exceptionally good looking she had been surprised that he stooped so low to ask her out,she was beautiful yes she knew that, people told her,most beautiful during her college days but still she was no match to Leo,she snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him,he was talking to a friend of his Ray by name,Leo's general manager of all his numerous companies,his best friend actually,Leo pointed at her,she waved back at Ray and he acknowledged her greeting smiling and waving back,they shook hands and Leo was almost reaching her when a lady stopped him)

(Her gaze still on Leo,they talked for few minutes,the girl kissed his forehead and almost kissed his lips he turned his face and she ended up pecking his cheek)

Do you realize my girlfriend is watching you?

I don't care, girlfriend not wife right and even if she's your wife I can't stop admiring you,you are so handsome

I'll take that as a compliment thanks,Can I go now? Theresa's watching

Oh is that her name? Where can we discuss then?

Discuss? I don't discuss with ladies it's either we are in a relationship or there's nothing going on at all(she laughed)

I'll gladly accept that Leo

you know my name?well I'm not surprised

Yeah have been admiring you since I first saw you weeks ago but you are always accompanied

(he smiled back) okay here's my complimentary card

thanks(she squeaked in delight, kissing him full on the lips which he didn't expect)

Get out of here,my woman's coming

(she's about to respond but Theresa's almost with them so she turns quickly increases her pace and exits the building, Theresa moves ahead to get her but Leo holds her still).

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