Underground: Supremacy

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6 months ago..


Bastien looked down at his watch for the fourth time after waiting way past the hour expected. Following in his brother’s footsteps had proven to be more harder than he anticipated. Between meeting with important clients and some business deals gone wrong, he believed he proved himself to his cartel. Bastien waved the bartender over again for another drink. “I’ll have another glass of whiskey,” he mumbled.

“And I’ll take a glass of seven daughters Moscato.”

Bastien’s head snapped over to the woman he thought he would never see again. She looked the same as she always did but there was something more dangerous to her aura. He stood up and re buttoned his suit as she walked over to him, a seductive sway to her hips. Picking up her glass, she smiled at him over the rim of her glass but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. Not like it use to. “Sorry I’m late. I tried to finish up my work for the night.”
“I honestly think I would have waited until closing,” he said putting a hand on her lower back and leading her to the table that was reserved for them, pulling out her chair. “When I asked for dinner I wanted it under better circumstances.”

“So did I,” she said sitting down.

Bastien walked around the table keeping his eyes on her. I should hate her, he thought. She took everything that mattered to him and kept it a secret all this time. Yet all it took was one email that was lengthy and told him everything he needed to know. Including the reason for her disappearance. “I shouldn’t have come here,” he stated.

“No you shouldn’t have.”

“But I did.”

Her lips curved up in a way that sent a chill down Bastien’s body. “You are here talking to one of the most wanted people right now and regardless of what I told you...you still came. There is still a lot I need to tell you and I will need your help but first,” she leaned forward. “Do you trust me, Bash?”

He nodded.

“Yes, Justine. I trust you.”

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