Underground: Supremacy

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“I want this to go on record that I do not agree with this.”
Five pairs of eyes looked back at me and I shrugged. My opinion I knew would be unpopular among my family but I needed to speak up. The past year has been nothing but pain, confusion and for Joel...
Though he is the oldest I needed to protect him now. I started to play with a piece of lint on my suit, feeling Jonathan’s eyes boring into my forehead. I’ve been trying, Justine. The cold and emptiness in my siblings that was there before Justine came into our lives was there again. It's been so long that I had forgotten this empty feeling. I hated them. It was only me and Cherine. We were all separated and only saw each other on Sundays at out mother’s requests.

Now none of them spoke to each other unless it was to trade notes on what they possibly found on her whereabouts. It made me realize what impact she had in our lives. Not just as Joel’s mate but as our sister. My sister. I would do anything to get her back just the same as if it was Cherine or Staci. This "plan" was going to sink that for us. “She attacked Cherine,” Dorian said listening to my passing thought.

“Cherine attacked her,” Staci snapped. “Justine tried to walk away. I was there Dorian-”

“And did nothing to bring her home,” Alex chimed in.

Staci moved toward him as mother held up an arm to stop her. She just growled and pushed past her. “Perhaps, dumbass, you need to reread the report and see the extent of Cherine’s injuries. This wasn’t the same girl you all bullied because she wouldn’t shoot a target in training,” she snapped. “That girl was an assassin. She not only would shoot her gun she was shooting to kill. And the control she had over her powers? If we don’t get her back on our side Valentine is the least of our issues.”

“Joel could do it,” Jonathan assured her.

I scoffed, “If Eric does what he’s about to do, Justine is never coming back! What part of that is unclear?!”

“Why did she leave?” Mother asked looking at each of our faces. We fell silent. “What changed our girl? These are the questions we need to be asking. She became the assassin everyone pushed her to be. We still have no idea what happened that night other than some blood and bodies.”

“That’s why this must happen. You need to be behind us, Carter,” Dorian looked at me and I gave him a look right back.

“You can get behind a reversing truck. I do not agree to actively hunting my sister and I can’t believe you do,” I looked at Eric in disgust as he stood up, rebuttoning his suit.

“You are outvoted and like it or not your last name is Mason. You will stand out there just the same,” he commanded.

I shook my head as Eric walked past me and out towards the press conference waiting just outside the doors. We all fell into place behind him and I was forced to put on the stone face that the Mason men adapted so well. This press conference was requested by the chief of police for my father to assure the public that those missing will be found and those dead will get proper burial rites. He did it in our Kaamal, which was translated with fake captions on the media to hide the underlying message he was sending to all assassins. Justine’s picture was placed on the screen and I clenched my fists. There’s no way Joel agreed to this. He would never agree to hunting his own mate. Not my older brother.

"Of course he didn’t. He hasn’t been here.” Staci whispered in my head. The only good thing I can say remained in tact was my relationship with Staci. If anything we wanted Justine bought home safely. And we would bring her home. She nodded at me in understanding. Our heads snapped up when we heard the words being spoken. ”Justine, Uta filius compei. Hera ja letio kefi. Yut...ai jusi qua lemmo. Ti lau deno gattia London fiout la atar ention. Ecce moti loc scon ti sui a Underground. (Justine, is our family. This is true. But...no one is above our laws. When found you are to bring her back to London where she will stand trial for what has happened. This is my wish as the new head of the Underground.)” he finished inciting claps from the crowd before turning on his heel and walking off the stage. If nothing else that definitely was not apart of the plan! The shock on my siblings face did not stop my rage as I was the first to move and when the doors closed I grabbed my father’s collar.
“Carter!” I heard Jonathan say but all I saw was red.

“You can’t find her so you label her a fugitive?!” I snarled. “Half the country, half our forces will be looking for her!”

“Do you have another option, my son?” Eric just looked at me with cold eyes. The same eyes Joel looked at me when he found out she was gone. I slowly let go of him and felt Dorian and Staci wrap their arms around me.

“As Staci said Justine is no longer the girl we trained. She is an assassin and a damn good one if she was able to do that to Cherine which means we can’t hold back,” Eric looked at each of his children. “I’m giving her 48 hours to give up her whereabouts before I give the order to strike. If she doesn’t heed to it, I will send the Underground after her and drag her back home.”

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