Underground: Supremacy

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“You stupid son of a bitch.”
I smiled over the rim of my mug as Eric walked off the stage. The five of us and Composi sat around the flatscreen TV watching the press conference that I knew Detective Dunkin and the chief of police demanded for. They needed a scapegoat for Valentine’s actions. I felt my fingers light on fire as I looked at each of my siblings. They looked different. They sure did. More stressed and angry. The one who stuck out the most was Carter. I turned on my heel walking back to the kitchen. If they were going to attack me like they did in Greece I needed to finish this tonight. I still had to get Stephanie and the others to London as well as Andrew.
I looked at Thomas before turning towards Composi. “I want him tonight. I don’t care if it’s in the middle of 42nd street. I’m not playing by Eric Mason’s rules,” I said calmly. Instead of the smart comment I knew him to make Composi just nodded. Thomas nodded towards Devlin and Judith who got up to go get ready. “You have a plan I’m guessing,” Thomas said handing me my trench coat.

“The magicks are gone. We are going to do what we should have done before. I don’t give a damn if he comes kicking and screaming,” I looked at Mitchie and Judith. “I need you to go to Brooklyn with Composi.”
They frowned.
“Brooklyn?” Mitchie asked.
I looked at Composi who nodded knowingly, “They will be bought back here while you handle the vermin.”

“Call Andrew and tell him to meet you somewhere public. I don’t want to make a scene but I will if I have to.”

Thomas rubbed his chin, “I thought you didn’t want to kill him.”

I smiled.

“No. Not yet.”

Any true New Yorker knew that 42nd street after Thanksgiving was a place full of people and tourists shopping for Christmas. People were standing on long lines, stores were filled to the brim with people and if you didn’t have proper clothing on for the coming winter chill you would most likely freeze. I couldn’t feel the cold. All I could feel was rage. I wasn’t quite sure where it was directed at the time but I got angry as soon as I stepped out the cab. Eric. His words from the press conference fueled my anger. Did he honestly think catching me was going to be easy? That I would let myself be caught? He just like the rest of the council underestimated me. The bright lights that lit this entire area would look like glittering jewels if you drove in from the bridge. I stuck my hands in my pockets looking over my shoulder at Devlin.
“Find him.”

They went in separate directions to mine. I wanted to kill Andrew but I couldn’t. He had to come back to London alive. Not for me but for the others who will get slapped with deserter labels for following a fugitive. That is the only reason I am keeping him alive. As if materialized by my thoughts there was Andrew, looking nervous and out of place in a crowd of tourists. He was getting onto a double decker bus and pushed his way into being first on. As I sped up, Thomas grabbed the shoulder of the tour guide flashing a fake badge, motioning towards Andrew. I slipped in behind him and followed him to the top where he sat in the second row. I slipped into the row behind him and leaned forward. “You’ve been ducking me, Andrew.” I whispered in his ear. His body froze when he registered who it was sitting behind him and leaned back. “It doesn’t have to be like this, Ryder. Just let me go,” he said quietly back.

“I’ve been chasing you for a year and you think now I will let you go? Don’t make me make a scene,” I jerked my chin to the front of the bus. “Get up and walk off the bus. I don’t have time for your games.”

“Because Eric put a hit out on you? I wonder if he knows you’re here,” Andrew chuckled. I smiled at him, touching the back of his neck and slamming his face forward on the railing. His cry of pain gave me a lot of pleasure it was almost sickening. I stood but fixing my jacket. “Get up before I make you get up.”
“Little bitch,” he growled pushing past me and running down the stairs. I sighed walking after him. When I exited the bus Thomas simply looked at me while Devlin was watching Andrew push and knock people over to get away. I pinched the bridge of my forehead. “I told you doing this the human way was just going to stress you out,” Thomas said shrugging.
I started walking after Andrew with Devlin close behind me. He should have realized by now that the magicks wards were gone and Composi wasn’t coming to save him. He should have realized you weren’t going to let him live when he fled London that night. I left my home. My mat-
I growled raising a hand. I heard Thomas’s shouts but they meant nothing to me. “You can’t kill him! We need him, Justine!” He whispered in my ear.

“And I keep my promises.”

As if a force was pulling him backwards, Andrew was dragged out of his hiding place and down the street screaming to land right in front of me. I stomped hard on his stomach cause him to lose the air left in his lungs. I want to kill him. I looked at Devlin, “Whether he lives or dies means nothing to me but he needs to be alive in order for him to testify to what happened that night. He runs so do your lives with him.”
They both nodded. Thomas reached down to gag and handcuff him before walking off headed back to the apartment. What was supposed to feel like a victory ended in less than 20 minutes. I wasn’t happy and it made my blood boil. I went the opposite direction from where the apartment was. A year of my life felt wasted. I pulled out my phone and quickly pressed a contact I’ve called many times in the past year. His groggy voice and the sound of a woman complaining made me roll my eyes. “If you are too busy fucking to meet me I’ll see you back in London,” I said in a bored tone.

“When have I ever been too busy? I always find myself putting business on hold when it comes to you,” he chuckled.

I leaned against a store window watching people pass by. “I need some plane tickets. I’m leaving for London in the morning.”

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