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Story of a group of 5 best friends who are living their college lives and are going on a trip for their vacation. What happens when suddenly there is chaos and everything literally falls apart and they find out that one of their friend is dead and another not to be found after months of searching. On tribute to their friend which is gone they go on a journey to find their best friend who is lost and can be anywhere in this big-wide world. Come along with them on a journey where you find that some bonds are just thicker than blood and even the most useless people can do wonder's with their loving ones in danger. *** NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Most people don't read it but i just want to say I hope you like the book

Adventure / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Ticket To 3 Star

“We should go to beaches”

“No, hill stations”

“What’s so interesting about hill station. Please don’t go thinking about meeting a handsome guy and start of love story”

“And what about you, don’t think I don’t know why you want to go to beaches”

Tripi looked offended by he last comment and I would have laughed till my stomach hurt had I not seen the look on Hika’s face. Just as Tripi opened his mouth to argue back with Nai-Nai, Hika had it. She slammed her hand on the table and threw daggers at both of them with her eyes daring them to speak one more word.

After a few seconds of staring and heated session the door slammed opened and in came the last idiot of my group, Nar, with a skip in his walk.

He was smiling from ear to ear like he had won a lottery.

All of looked at him and the mood calmed a little. He has always been the joker of the group so it was normal to all of us have a lighter mood around. You could practically see light radiating of him when he entered a room. “So, when I entered with all the food in my hand, mom said I had a letter on my name. I opened it and do you what it was about?”

“You got a letter from an old friend”

“A letter from your girlfriend”

“You got accepted in mental asylum. Yes, we should party”

“You won something”

We all said at the same time. All of us laughed at the ‘Girlfriend’ comment because it is something he can never have. He made a face at the first 3 statements and beamed at the last one made by Haki.

“Yes, I won Tickets to a 3 star hotel for 7 days 6 nights in a lottery” WOW... I did just think that earlier.′

“Oh, Hika you know me the best and you Aki got the asylum, you need it more than me”

“Yeah and Nai-Nai what are you you saying like he can ever have a girlfriend in this life-time. Ha, it’s the joke of the century” I said and all of us started laughing just for him to make a face which made Tripi laugh even more and hearing his hyena laugh the reast of us laughed like crazy.

Even Nar joined us at this point.

We sobbered up after a few minutes and excitedly started chatting about the whole trip.

Yeah, these buch of crazy people are the one I call my best friends and you can see the craziness even in our nick names specially made by Tripi and Nar themselves.

we all are second years in college with our vacation currently going on.

So in this huge time of crises when we couldn’t decide where to go till our summer vacation was over. Nar came as a knight in shining armour and saved the day for us. In middle of all of this Haki suddenly shouted “Wait”

We all stopped and looked at her.

She turned to Nar and asked “Nar, where is all the junk food. You indicated you brought it with you before taking the letter for you from your mom but where is it now?”

Realisation struck him and he ran out of the room like his pants were on fire. A few seconds after he left the room we heard a horrified shout of his mother “Naran Gupta”

Oh, yeah Nar and Nai-Nai are twins by the way and we are staying at their house currently.

“I don’t think I want to know what he brought THIS time to make aunty shout that loudly AGAIN” I commented.

“Neither do I” Nai-Nai replied.

“Me too” was Haki’s reply

Tripi looked like he was on Cloud 9 from the look on his face and finally said “Now, this made my day”

So, you can clearly see we are a bunch of crazy people stuck together and this is our story.

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