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Thunder rising

The winds howled, and the moon rose above the night stars. “Storm? Lightning?” A voice sounded through the harsh winds. A dragon appeared, yawning and stretching it’s big, glowing blue eyes. “Kai.. how are you awake?” A male dragon yawned as his voice spoke as a whisper above the storm. Rain pelted down on the gorge, ‘causing it to start flooding. A bird squeaked as a big bird flew off. “The gorge is flooding everyone!” Kai started in a panicked yowl. “A flood? How..” water started to seep in where they were staying. “Can’t you see now!” The other dragon was trembling down to the bone, the rain pelted harder. “WAKE UP!” she yelled, other dragons waking up from her call or from the water that had seeped in. “We must travel” another dragon yelped. “Dawn? Why are you so worried” Kai shivered from the water that flowed more. “Storm, Lightning, Dawn, Sky, and obviously me—“ she said still quite panicked, a loud screech sounded above her voice. “Cloud!” Kai yowled, running out in the storm getting soaked. A white dragon came yelping. “It’s like a tsunami out there!” She started to shiver. “Guys! Haven’t you even listened to me?! We need to take off and fly now!” She got ready to take off, flying out of the makeshift den. The six dragons followed, flying off into the storm.

“Is everyone ok?” Storm asked, panting. Nobody replied because they were all too tired, they rested. They had no idea where they had landed, they were scared and exhausted. Storm and Lightning guarded, certainly not ever taking there eyes off what was around them. After a long silence, something rustled through the bushes. “It’s just me” Cloud appeared moments after. She carried cows in her jaws.

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