The Shadows Prince

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Chapter One

A cold breeze past through the teen long black hair who laying down in a middle of grass field totally relaxing that you don't want to stand and just stay there, the teen bangs sway along the wind as her eyes slowly open greeting with the perfect cloud on her sight where i am? She ask herself not expecting a answer as she stares at the cloud and breath calmly. Her eyes wonder around only to see nothing but beautiful nature around her a grass field... A small whispers came out from her soft lips as her purple eyes wonder around the cold breeze coming from the wind makes her more calm but suddenly.... Wait!? WTF!? She yelp quickly satnding up and looking around more caution how in the world?! Where TF i am!? I through I'm dead! She scream to herself and breath in and out to calm calm down its okay.... She sigh when she heard the voice again i reincarnated you so you should be happy darling~ ahahaha~ a voice echoed through her mind what the!? Who are you?! She yelled again looking around to find who is it, who talk to her is unknown it sound like a girl... The voice is so calmly and sweet but she don't want to left her guard down its not a right time to know who i am... But maybr in the end i tell you who i am... So be happy there... Grab the sword and shield thats your weapon for now... I won't let you have the power i give you... For now it explain shiana don't know what to do anymore as she calm herself and look at the sword... It was beautiful as well as the shield the combination of color us so beautiful what do you mean by power? Shian ask putting the sword and shield on her back (just how link do) this is not the right time so don't be impatient... I tell you if its already okay... Now good bye... The voice said as it truly disappear in her mind, shiana sigh and walk through the nearest lake there she saw her appearance a bangs that almost cover her right eyes and she had a long hair which colored Dark Grey, her eyes is purple... She look pale.... However her clothes is kinda weird for her it's a black tunic that has some purple on it and she wore no pants other than black shorts and the way her boots looks like is also weird for her since she never wore this clothes.

She shrug her appearance and find a way out on the grass field to find something or someone to talk to.

She walk and walk till she find a village welk while she's walking she cut grass and keep seing a rupees so she know where in the world is she Legend Of Zelda. Hyrule of course. She wonder what will happen on her life here and what kind of link and zelda she would meet or it's the real appearance of zelda and link? She's very confuse and what will happen? Is ganondorf going to attack the hyrule again and she needs to join and fight ganondorf? What in the world will happen on her here?! Stop thinking shiana you just going insane... Truly insane..

She's now finally infront of the village she saw it name as kakiro village and by that name she never heard that kind of village in the Legend of Zelda that makes her more confuse so enter and about to ask the old lady she first saw hello grandma can i ask you a question? Shiana ask the old lady and gulo when it answer sure... Child... It says week and looking at her with the eyes that almost close god she's really old? Where tf her caretaker? Can i know what village is this? I never heard the Kakiro village before shiana ask really nervous oh this village... Well this village is small not like other.... But this is the most safest village... But i need to go home now... Grandma says worried as she cough while shiana look at the old lady and ask oncr again wheres your home grandma?

She's now on the ride through the other village or place called heavenly town which quite far from the kakiro village, the old lady says her home is far away here and it was called heaveny town she says it was called that way since many people died there from the attack of ganondorf 20 decades before. It was amusing to shiana that ganondorf already attack so she won't have a problem anymore. On the ride a goblins suddenly showed up holding a swords that makes the horse stop Oh no! Grandma stay there we're having a problem! I make sure your safe! A week answer came which is yes.

Shiana drew her sword and stand infront of the horse sight ready to slash this goblins head off get ready to die goblins she said in a sadistic tone and smirk the goblins however attack and run through her as she quickly drew her shield and stab one of them, she spin attack making them flew away and disappear leaving a goblins tooth, goblins weapon and rupees as she wuickly get those and put ir on her pocket.

She ride horse again and continue there journey through the heavenly town god knows how long will the journey be and where in the world is heavenly town. Surely more enemies will be encounter and more problem how annoying!
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