The Shadows Prince

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Chapter Two

Here they are in heavenly Town after the long adventure which take a whole day they finally here god that was a long ride! Shiana said stretching her body before going to open the door for grandma which is sleeping hey granny! We're here your home! Shiana yelp happily now full of energy but the old lday doesn't answer huh? It's something wrong granny? Shiana ask grabbing the old lady's shoulder and slightly shaling it but still no amswer when she finally through of something, putting her hands on her pulse she feels nothing... Wait... What?... Shiana said with her wide eyes trying to call out for the old lady only to realize that she's really dead...

Hey! Who are you?! That's my grandma's horse and.... A voice called out then soon stopped grandma is dead is she? The voice ask while shiana nod in answer lookong at the old lasy grandma didn't make it on my birthday? *sob* a soft voice of a child says sobbing as shiana decided to face them now, when she turned around she sees one boy three years younger from her and a small girl that looks like six years old.

So you help grandma to go here... The boy names akashi says with a sad smile while the girl on her side named kami cries sob silently holding her a scarf yes all shiana answer to them she's unsure what happen so she can't think any reason than her failing to protect someone's life it's not your fault grandma really is sick and have a problem on heart... I'm sure she got heart attack... She's also old enough... Akashi said sadly since the old lady is the only one who left in there life when there parents died.'m sorry for what happen but i'm taking my leave now i still need to do something shiana excuse not wanting to think it anymore as the two young children nods.

Shiana when she leave the house all she wanted to do is find a place to stare at the sky shiana i through you will be a bad person now she sigh and lay down on the grass closing her eyes calming her nerves and finding her deeper self which is now darkness... I must find more money... I can steal there rupees shiana smirk while her eyes close when she suddenly heard a twig snapped close to her mkaing her eyes snap open sat up o-oh! Did i woke you up? Ehehe i'm sorry she looked on her left side to see a boy looks like link... No... It was link, skyward link. She raise her eyebrows on him while he rub the back of his head i'm sorry i'm finding a mushrooms around here when i see that one over there so i quickly ran skyward link explain nervouse writing on his face while he point at the mushroom he was talking about. Not wanting to talk shiana nod and lay down again making the link to ran over the mushrooms picking it up when shiana finally realized what in the world skyward link needed a mushrooms?.

After encountering skyward link shiana decided to roam around the town to find soemthing useful or maybe a potions for her, while roaming around she saw skyward link wait no. It's Breath of the Wild link or Botw link why in the world Skyward link amd Botw link is here? What the hell is happening!? Shiana yelled to herself and ignore the links trying to calm herself and think again is ganondorf going to comeback? And this is the place? Or i'm the enemy? Wtf!? Shiana again yelled through herself before sighing and going infont of a shop which named Weapon Shop cool a weapon shop shiana said entering the shop there she sees skyward zelda and skyward link WTF!? Shiana just ignore them and looked at the shops weapons.

While looking around a Black with slightly Purple bow got her attention and grab it how much for this shiana has 6000 rupees ans how tf that happen? Let's just say the 2000 rupees came from stealing the 1000 rupees came from the grass cutting and the other three thousand rupees is already in her waller guess the mysterious girl give me that shiana through thinking all her rupees oh it was 350 rupees! Are you going to buy it? The lady said as shiana nod and pay her also receiving sixty black arrows the arrows are belong to that bow so you're lucky! The lady says moving into another customer well guess im really lucky shiana through putting bow behind her as well the arrows.

Shiana is about to leave the shop when skyward zelda stops her hello! Are you a traveller? She ask shiana while skyward link is checking out the bows and arrows well yes i am, is there anything i can do? Shiana said and ask at the same time while zelda nod well it's nothing i'm just curious why you have those skyward zelda explain pointing at her shield and sword oh i got them from a mysterious person who take care of me shiana lied while skyward zelda got confuse at the 'mysterious person' words why mysterious person? Skyward zelda ask again to shiana and she already expect it well the one who take care of me always wear a mask and doesn't really talk so i also don't know there name shiana once again lied to her without getting suspicious at her answer oh is that so sorry for disturbing skyward zelda apologize while shiana accept it and says "It's Okay".

Leaving the shop she goes to the town map and looked at it there she sees many shops like potion shop, meat shop, vegetables shop, selling and buying shops, weapon shop where she just leave and the clothes shop, they also had a bar which had fpr adult and kids. Looking at all of it she decided to go to the bar maybe they had peach mango juice over there, walking where is it she bump into someone oh im sorry... The person apologize while she shake her head and say no im sorry looking at the person there she sees Fierce Deity Link that makes her eyes looks like this (O·O) did i... Frightened you?.... He said while shiana shake her head no and says no i'm just... Shock... You're tall... She said keeping this face (0·0) while looking up on him. She finally stop and apologize to him before going to the bar god! That was embarrassing!.

Entering the bar she quickly go to the counter and ask is they have peach mango juice of course we have! In cup for 5 rupees, and in jar which you can keep for 10 rupees! The bartender said happily while shiana think since she needs jar can i have the jar one? And please make it three peach mango juice shiana request tp the bartender which he accept happily and start making her Peach Mango Juice!

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