The Shadows Prince

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Chapter Three

Staying on the bar shiana drink half of the peach mango in her second jar thinking what she will do next since she can't stay here forever she needs to leave and do something i wish i can find a house somewhere not in the town nor village... I want a house in nature and far away from noises shiana through thinking a house in a forest or somewherw in the nature with a calm wind and water, someone sits besides her a child oh hey child what cha want? It's that they let children come in to order juice and milk or whatever they want but cocktail, wine and alcohol ain't allowed can i have a jar of milk and cookies? The child besides shiana ask and it sounds like a boy or maybe... Majora Link? Shiana take a glance on the child only to see it was really majora link that make her almost choke thankfully she stopped herself.

Here ya go kid! Enjoy! The bartender sais smiling going to another customer assisting them, the bar was big enough to tell there's a place for kids, teens and adult as well who don't want to drink alocohol or wines and there's a place for only adults who drink cocktail, alcohol or wine. They make sure they won't combine or switch places so that the kids won't be effected by the smell of alcohols, they also had a bouncer who look friendly but dangerous so that they can keep peace.

Hey kid what's your name shiana ask a little friendly to the little guy raising its head and looking at shiana still taking a sip on the milk majora link her confirmation is truly correct it was majora link because she also through that this is young ocarina link which can be fact as well how about you miss majora link ask lowering his head till he face the table shiana she said drinking her peach mango juice observing the people before planning to leave the bar your tunic and that weapons are you a... Hero? Majora link ask confuse while shiana shake her head no No. I'm a Traveler or maybe adventurer woman her only last words before leaving the bar taking a deep breath feeling the wond blow through her whole body ah! Fresh air! She said in quite loud voice.

She was actually lucky that it's not night yet and still have a time to look around deciding to go to the vegetable shop to buy potatoes and carrots the only vegetables she like, seeing the shop infront was big about to open the door someone grab the door handle first making her goes inside without opening it by herself, turning around she says thank you to Fierce Deity wait... Fierce Deity!? Fierce deity nod his head before going somewhere somewhere in the shop.

Looking around shiana find out that they also sell fruits which is quite good for her since she like peach mango and now planning to buy, shiana finally sees the stand the sell potatoes and carrots how much for 15 potatoes and 15 carrots? Shiana ask the seller as she check the quality of the vegetables oh it was 60 rupees the seller said grabbing a vegetable plastic i buy it shiana said pulling out 60 rupees giving it to the seller. After receiving her lovely potatoes and carrots she goes to the fruits stands looking through her peach mango wifu that she loves the most on her life just seeing the stand give her goosebumps of excitement as she walk closer to it seeing a good price which is Cool! 6 rupees for each peach mango!.

Checking the peach mango she think how many fruits she would buy when she finally choose can i buy 3 peach mango? She ask the seller looking at her wifu well she was actually planning to but it all when she come to think where in the world she would put those!? Sure its 18 rupees! Buy? The seller ask making shiana nod and pay her for her peach mango. When she get her wifus a voice behind her ask can i buy 18 peach mango?... It sound sad but shiana ignore that and turn around about to leave when she notice tomatoes... ToMaToEs. She hate those... Really hate. Makimg a disgust face she continue to leave not wanting to see the tomatoes ever again.

Looking up the sky the combination of red, orange and pink softly come to her sight remembering the past times with her mother are you happy there mom? Sorry i can't go with you... Looking straight she continue to leave the town sighing about the past forget it... They won't come back. She told herself looking straight with sad eyes, stepping outside the town one of the link suddenly appeard oh wait mo it's fierce deity you're also leaving now?... He ask looking up then at her with his only white eyes yeh.... By the way your the person i meet earlier right? You leaving also? Shiana ask and lied at same time looking straight to the moon who's now appearing in their sight yes.... My name is Oni... He said his name looking down he look very sad my name is shiana... I go now she excuse about to leave when Oni speak again it's dangerous to go alone in night... You can stay tonight at my home... It's not that far away here he said while shiana think for a moment then nod saying 'sure... I do really think it might be dangerous '.

You're home is... You live alone? Shiana ask seeing not quite big house of oni and also remembering something wait a minute!? His name is Oni!? she yelled to herself yes i live alone... Oni said opening the door and welcoming shiana who says Thank you to him why don't you find someone with you? It's lonely to live alone shiana suggest sitting down while oni put the vegetables and meat he buy at the town well You... do you have home.... He said changing the subject while preparing a soup me? I don't have house but i'm planning to buy one shiana said looking at the window outside i know a place that has empty house... Maybe you can check there... Oni said making shiana look at him with her purple eyes..

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