The Shadows Prince

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Chapter Four

When the morning arrive shiana thanks Oni for letting her stay as she start her adventure to the place oni told her she can surely have if no ones home or decided to live there, feeling the nature shiana close her eyes and think what would happen on her life here is she going to die? Or she's going to had a wonderful life this time? She felt like she had a mission here... Like someone is controlling or watching her life from something she doesn't know where.

Jumping over the twigs she can see the Dark Forest full of mystery and darkness whats really in that place anyway? Surely this is not how dark link place describe and who's the person who can talk to her mind? Is the person invisible or they the one watching her? This questions making shiana insabe for the fact she doesn't know what will happen in her life here.

It's already sunset as she decides to sleep at the too of a tree no one wants to risk they life while sleeping right? It's okay to sleep at the top of a tree if it was for your safety well unless they decided to burn the forest... Climbing the tree she make sure she won't falk while sleeping before closing her eyes in exhaustion after walking like hours.

Woking up she sees it's dark but has small amount of light coming from the sky it's probably around two in the morning this time, not feeling tired she sat up and jump off the tree and strect her body "beatong those goblins surely is okay since they drop some items which can be useful" feeling hungry shiana started to walk looking around trying to find food. After like thirty minutes shiana smell sometging delicious that makes her stomach growl and drool as she follows the smell seeing goblins dancing around the fire that has a chicken stock on the stick "mm~ delicious ~" she doesn't notice but her voice change into something insane what's happening?.

She pulls out her sword and jump over the goblins looking at them while holding her sword oh hello there she said before started to fight them for the food while the goblin of course fight back, in the end shiana always won. Smirking she take the chicken leg and ate it she felt like a glutton but she doesn't care she's hungry anyway. Eating she notice something slimey crawling to her direction only to notice it's a blue chuchu jelly thing you came here to wish death aren't you? Shiana ask grabbing her sword taking the last piece in her food beofre throwing the bone on the enemy and slicing it dropping a chuchu jelly i can use this for cooking shiana said picking it up and putting it on her pocket before deciding to continue her damn adventure to the house she wanted to be hers.

Walking like hours she encounter only 5 goblins and 10 chuchu giving her items which is make her gladly endibg their life, seeing a cabin shiana jog to the place and looked around it it seems no one's home shiana through recognizing the place, it's a snall cabin that was abandoned to the fact the owner move and left it there... Don't worry i surely know and sure the cavin is strong she remember oni said as she open the door and walk inside wow she said amaze seeing a small kitchen and a stairs to bedroom (just like BoTw house) all she need to do is clean the place and it's her home now and of course she's putting a sign it was hers.

After cleaning the house, collecting woods to make sign and carving it as her that she owns this place putting it outside. Shiana lay on the bed and look at the window it's now sunset... Damn i never knew i'm that fast At cleaning she said laughing to herself and closing her eyes to fall into slumber no worries the door is close and she's not dumb not to protect herself.

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