The Shadows Prince

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Chapter Five

Woking up shiana sat up not knowing the time as she stretch her arms and neck before standing up and stretch her body up either punch or kick the air, grabbing her sword she goes down to the 5 step stairs and sees the fridge that probably have nothing on it.

Sighing again shiana decided to take a walk to buy some foods in Hyrule which only would take 2 hours straight walking. Leaving her house she close the door and inhales the cold breeze in the early morning, starting to walk shiana sees a jelly chu randomly sliding here and there.

Now ignoring everything she sees shiana heard her stomach in hunger i'm hungry... Need breakfast... She doesn't know why but sometimes she felt like a glutton, taking an apple out of her magical pocket she take a bit and lazily stare on her way only to be greeted with a chest wah-!? Getting shock shiana stumble backwards and look up at the person, it was.... No one? The fuc- shiana is surely sure she sees someone in front of her.

Ignoring everything again shiana continue her way to the hyrule as she think i'm just hungry that's it. After two hours walk shiana was now standing in front of hyrule as she sigh and goes inside seeing the town first before the castle, all i need is food shiana through looking around as she take a look at the food they we're selling. Later on she bumped into something hard.... Or maybe someone oh my apologize she heard a male voice who sounded like link and just like wtf? Link again? Seriously?.

Looking up the link named boy she sees an unfamiliar face of link is there a new version of link? Nodding shiana walk off and start to look at the foods again while she think about the new link she met too bad i didn't see the new game... She through thinking in her past life there is new legend of zelda game.

After buying so many foods which also not all buyed but stolen shiana started to walk back to her home, outside the hyrule shiana is literally now in a middle of hyrule and her home path when a running link come on her view and stops in front of her hello again! Are you the owner of that house over there?! He asked panting it seems like in his voice he was sad and angry at the same time why? Shiana answered raising her eyebrows yes why? Mister? She don't want him to call him link since they don't know each other anyway.

Can I please stay there?!please!! He seems really needing to stay there but why? Shiana looked at him confused not knowing what to do anymore eh-? Why? - shiana was cut off by link as he please Please! My name is Link! He yelled kneeling down, shiana getting uncomfortable just accept him since there's two bed anyway o-okay... Link thank her up as he ask to help her to bring the foods there and even help her. He even said he can start a farm to grow vegetables and fruits as well as taking care of animal so that they don't need to go back to hyrule.

Link seems doesn't like hyrule anymore huh? Okay then shiana just randomly agree even of she never think about having a damn farm.

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