We Fall Like Rain

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So... We're Time Travellers Now?

Clothes? That's your first priority right now?" Niki asked.

Maggie sighed "it's the only thing we can do"

She took Charlie's hand and they walked further into the small village.

"We don't have any money"

"I know, we'll have to trade or something"

"...Do you really believe it's 1014?"

"Look around us, I'm struggling to believe it too, but we can't deny what's right in front of us." Maggie said, more for her own wellbeing. Believe it or not, they were now stuck there.

They came to a stop by a stall. There were too many people to swipe the clothes without anyone seeing. They'd have to trade.

"Excuse me, do you trade?" Maggie asked, thinking of what she could give in return, without blowing these peoples minds any more by showing her phone.

"Depends what you're offering"

Maggie gathers some clothes and takes two rings off her fingers.

"These for my rings?"

The woman looked at the rings for a moment before nodding. They were cheap anyway.

They met up with the others again and got dressed in the trees. Maggie put a faded maroon underdress and pinafore on and passed a shawl to Niki.

"Alright, now we really need to talk about our current predicament" Niki stated as they met back with Kalen by the wooden wall.

"Well, we are here, in 1014, which goes against everything in our known universe and understanding of time and space" Charlie spoke rather fast.

"We need to find a way back home, there are probably people worried sick by now"

"Niki, we time travelled. And technically, we aren't missing yet, because we don't exist" charlie added.

"Guys!" Maggie felt mind boggled. "We have just time travelled. Can we please take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate this!?" Charlie nodded "I mean, how many people can say they did this?" Maggie carried on "How many scientists and engineers dream of figuring out how to travel through time, and we just did it by accident!" She was getting excited at the endless questions racing through her mind, she felt like she was about to explode from it all.

"Not to mention it goes against everything I've ever been taught" Charlie added.

"How'd you mean? Your telling me nowhere in Physics has an answer or theory, at the very least, of this!?" Niki waved her arms around, looking more confused than ever.

"Well, theories, yes." Charlie explained "There are a number of theories actually. In the Physical sense, we can't be here."

"English, Charlie." Kalen said, lost.

"Alright, let me break it down. Firstly, we haven't just travelled in time, we've travelled in space." She paused and grabbed Kalen.

"Kalen you're the sun. Thalia, you're the earth, Niki, your us." She made Thalia walk around Kalen. "As you know, the Earth circles the sun whilst it rotates, basic year 6 science.

Well, say you travel back in time 5 hours to dinner, whilst standing in the exact same spot...

You couldn't. The earth is orbiting the sun at around 67,000 miles an hour so you won't end up materialising at the table, you'd end up where the table will be in 5 hours..." she moved Thalia and Made Niki stand away from Thalia.

"You'd be floating in space, with the earth 335,000 miles behind you. And that's not even involving the speed of the galaxy."

"Alright..." Thalia was trying to catch on.

"So, we didn't teleport here. The second question we face..." Charlie carries on "is, what about the air we displaced when we arrived here?"

"Really?" Kalen asked, slightly annoyed he couldn't keep up with her brain.

"Think about it. A person is about 985 KG/M³ dense, and the air is 1.225 KG/M³. So, there should have been a huge compression of matter when we arrived."

"Meaning?" Niki asked.

"Meaning, there should have been a big explosion, like nuclear level."

"Unless it was a wormhole" Maggie found herself saying. "It would be possible then, right? Nothings displaced, 1st law of thermodynamics still works, no energy was created, just moved"

"I guess that works, yeah maybe." Charlie said, nodding.

"So... we passed through a wormhole?" Thalia asked.

"Our best guess, yeah" Maggie cleared up.

"Then how do we get back to the 21st?"

"Good point, I don't think it works both ways"

"We can't just be stuck here, we have to be here for a reason, otherwise, why send us back if we have no purpose?"

"I don't know Lia, the universe works in mysterious ways"

It was silent for a second until Charlie snapped to attention.

"Time could be predetermined."


"Everything we've ever done has led us here. We have both already experienced this and, not even started.

Time is complex and tricky and everywhere. No! It's Everywhen. So, technically it's already happened, happening and will happen all at once."

Kalen holds his head in his hands "My brain hurts, please shut up."

"Look, what matters is, we are here, right now, in this timeline" Maggie stated. She knew trying to wrap their heads around it would simply be too difficult, she barely understood it herself.

Alright, let's just look around and see what happens" Niki suggested.

"That's your plan? Look around?"

"Got a better idea, Kalen?"

They walked back onto the path and into the village.

"What's Loidis back home?" Thalia asked.

"It's Leeds actually" Maggie answered.

She only knew that because she had read about it in the public library. She also knew a fair amount about Anglo-Saxon Britain from her history class. She had taken history at GCSE and College, and planned to take archaeology at University, despite the numerous protests from her mother. She had said there was no calling for archaeologists, especially in England. Everything had already, pretty much, been dug up.

Of course, Maggie didn't listen. Being an archaeologist like Indiana Jones or Professor River Song had been a dream of hers since she was little.

The thought of digging up old, lost things made her feel happy, like a reminder. Just because they're gone, does not mean they are forgotten.

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