We Fall Like Rain

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Camp Lost

They walked around the village for a while, watching people shop, talk and just live their lives.

Maggie sighed.

She had no idea how they were going to get home, as much as she loved it here, she knew they'd have to go back to their own time eventually. They were anomalies and didn't belong in this time.

A pit of dread rose up in her, as she struggled to find a solution. She began to think that maybe the universe doesn't care that they're there. Perhaps the void of blackness and glasses above their heads really has no rhyme nor reason to their being here.

She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind before she let them take control. A panic attack would not help the situation.

Especially with Thalia freaking out and Niki coping in her own way, which usually amounts to her snapping at anyone who so much as breathes too loudly. Which usually ends up being Kalen as he always gets a rise out of winding her up.

"We should go, guys." Charlie suggested, knocking Maggie from her train of thought.

"And go where, exactly?" Kalen mused.

Charlie strung a small leather bag over her shoulder that she managed to trade her bracelet for.

"South, we're going to try Ley lines."

"You're the last person who I'd expect to believe in that stuff."

"Well, it's our last option."

"What even are Ley lines?"

"Lines drawn between historical, man-made and natural structures. Some people think it's spiritual, has a bigger meaning."

Kalen rolled his eyes and Niki sighed.

"And when we reach a ley line... then what?" Niki asked, leaning against the wall of a hut near a stall.

"Then" Maggie cut in "we see what happens. Who knows, we might find something. Perhaps Stonehenge is something that could help."

"That's your plan. See what happens?"

"Well, if you have anything better, I'm all ears. If not, let's go."

She pushed herself off the wall and started walking towards the gate as Maggie turned to draw some of the ley lines she knew of on a piece of parchment. She had drawn a very rough map of England and only knew of so many locations, especially the old structures that date back further than 1014.

She began to regret not taking Geography in school.

"She'll get over herself eventually. She's just... you know." Charlie said in a hushed tone to Maggie and Thalia, who was now looking a little less pale.

"I know, trust me, I've had worse non-arguments with her before. We just need to give her breathing space."

It was true, Maggie had had worse arguments with Nikita. She recalled a disagreement they had in year 9 over something so insignificant, it had left Maggie's mind. However, the harsh words they had exchanged, remained seared onto Maggies brain all these years later and still stung when she thought about it.

They walked for miles, stopping for directions at the few passers-by and only stopping for short breaks to rest or drink from a leather water canteen Kalen actually managed to take without anyone watching.

"We're going to run out of fresh water soon." Kalen said holding up the bottle.

"I know, we'll find a freshwater river or make a fire and boil some. Don't drink anything without cleaning it first, disease is rife." Maggie stated as she jogged to catch up with the others, map in hands.

They all just nodded, climbing up a rather steep hill. Maggie looked up from the map and took in her surroundings. From the top of the hill, she could see all the way to the horizon. Trees and fields as far as the eye can see, with a small river cutting the valley in half. It was utterly breathtaking.

The sun was hanging low by the time they stopped by a small stream to make camp for the night.

"Anyone know how to make a shelter by any chance?" Niki asked. She was sitting at the base of a tree, looking up through the canopy of leaves. Kalen sat next to her, an arm over her shoulder.

"I do." Maggie said glancing to Kalen who walked towards her nodding.

"I was a girl guide."

"I was a boys scout for like two days but yeah, I can guess enough. It can't be that hard."

She scoffed "Tell that to twelve-year-old me and my camping group."

Kalen laughed and took her hand.

"Come on then Mags, let's go find some twigs."

They walked further into the woods, being careful not to lose their way in the veil of darkness that began to settle around them.

"So..." Maggie began "Is it Thalia or Niki? I lose track with you."

He smirked, shaking his head. "Nothing is going to happen between us. Thalia is more like a sister to me. I love her, I love all of you. You're my family."

"But Niki?"

He sighed, bending down to gather wood.

"Niki is great, but... she's my friend."

"It's okay, Kalen, to be scared. But nothing lasts forever. Say some to her, before it's too late."

"It's dead annoying."

"What is?"

"The fact that you see right through us all."

She laughed, gathering up twigs and leaves. She couldn't help it. She'd always been able to see, properly see, the sadness in peoples eyes. She thought it was because she knew how it felt to be upset and alone, and not have anyone see her. But then she'd look over to Thalia, who no doubt had it worse, and feel guilty for not being able to help her. Thalia was the most compassionate person she'd ever met, and yet, the most withdrawn.

"I guess it's just one of my many gifts."

"I guess so."

They made their way back to the group and set up a small shelter against a tree. It wasn't grand but it would keep most of the water off them if it ever decided to rain.

After an hour of trying, Kalen finally got a fire started.

"Hey, Charlie. How come we can understand these people? It should be old English." Maggie asked, cuddled between Kalen and Thalia.

"I'm an A* physics student, not a frigging theoretical physicist. I have no idea. I watch Doctor who not Einstein's theory of relativity lectures."

They went quiet for a minute, Charlie was bound to snap at some point.

"You totally watch Einstein's lectures." Kalen whispered.

"Yeah... I do."

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