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[ a great hero fallen] Characters: Uncle (king): the king in the beginning of story who dies Uncle to Guinevere young lady and princess. King author: a young man with the future of becoming King Journey not easy to accomplish but accomplished in the end. Guinevere: cost of wrong through trickery by Wicked one seeking and looking for Redemption Fallen Hero to King Arthur and she ends up his Queen prior to her death. Wicked one: he is the evil that tricks and causes harm physically and emotionally towards other characters seeking for their destruction and his success he fails Dying by Guinevere’s hand. fairy godmother: assist Guinevere in finding a way to succeed in her Redemption and for Guinevere to find her own happiness and freedom with honesty and Truth.

Adventure / Fantasy
Shayla ennis
Age Rating:

Chapter one: Guinevere's beginning

There be an ancient Kingdom thus known as Camelot. A young lady Guinevere of common stance seeking freedom. A boy destined for King Hood not easily obtained. Wickedness and goodness abound all around. To make things worse or adventurous there would be what you might call a Twist Guinevere we’ll come it a great wrong for freedom. A fairy godmother will show kindness and gentleness to Guinevere giving her a chance at Redemption. Be it for us to see and reveal the greatest truths to All Eyes.

The uncle, the King, seeks Guinevere’s presents.

Where is that ungracious lazy child? Where?

Where I say? Guinevere!!!! Guinevere!!!!

Away from solitude, she walks thus towards favored kin. What fowl words does the seek to speak unto me? Ah, my niece, dear treasure that she be. We must speak unto you at once a grave matter at hand. you speak with such loudness uncle

Lower your voice. Come sit dear Guinevere

Well sit child, thus now sit. We must speak to the with serious matter. By what purpose be this conversation. That such sternness abounds. We tell you marriage is not for the.

Thus you will not wed ever. It is what we say.

Have I just heard correct, unsure? Turning towards uncle confusion upon face. Weeping, asking why?

But this is the reason why. We find you still too young and unready. you are special the wrong person would, could harm you.

war between us as family and kingdom.

Simply put, you are no more than a treasure.

bought or won rather than someone with spirit, soul. Unable to take harsh words she leaves. alone in the sitting room, Crying and weeping with no understanding of the vile act, comes truth revealed.

Speaking to empty space, cannot the with cruelty leave me. be but yet forced to endure cruel hands. why this be me without a smile yet only grieved sadness. in a loud voice, With the sudden growth of anger, that’s it I’m leaving, this home is no more than a prison. yet realizing she will need help, but who? enters wicked one, In a dark mysterious tone, yet not seen.

You wish to leave Guinevere. listen unto me I shall help the. You are correct this home is a prison your uncle not as he shows himself. He casts evil Shadows over those who don’t obey. if Freedom you seek destroy your uncle kill him you must.

Who’s there, why say you these things?

my uncle is nice tho harsh at times, yes, but evil never. Foolish girl did I not just say.

plain language then…. magic dark magic covets this place your uncle its keeper.

dark magic? but how, why? could my uncle truly have such within his grip? he has seemed off of late. Bothered, secretive.

Guinevere having no idea she is being watched out for by her fairy godmother.

somewhere distant an old woman keeps watch a fairy godmother over Guinevere.

Fairy godmother, Seeing Guinevere’s trouble

I must begin my own journey the time has come. Only with my help will they see the truth of darkness.

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