My Guinevere

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a new adventure

Close by lives a young boy named author.

A boy with a bold future.

Fairy godmother,The time has come this boy will be known as Arthur King of Camelot.

Author, unaware of the old woman watching him. Working at chopping wood and crops.

Guinevere, Realizing that the mysterious voice could be right Guinevere seeks uncle. searching for him throughout the castle Watching at a distance.Wicked one,

With knowledge work is yet done begins planning. Seeks to trick Guinevere where the uncle is concerned. I will switch healing herbs for poison.he sneaks into the healing room where the uncle is making meads for Guinevere when uncle is turned away the wicked one swaps herbs for poison.

Uncle, tired of Guinevere’s behavior and being himself stressed, grabs healing tea.

I will bring this to her she will feel better I hope.

Guinevere, In her room, Tired from all the drama, I’ll rest a bit I think. Can’t find any peace.

Uncle, knock…knock…Guinevere, I know your upset…. But may I come in, I brought tea.

Guinevere opens the door. What uncle do you want? Tea you brought tea, wow it’s my favorite. Sitting down and sipping tea with uncle.

They are both sitting in a comfortable sitting room with soft cushioned chairs and Tiny tables. A sun window at their backs showing a garden and lake view. Having simple conversation and sipping the tea her uncle brought… when a sudden crashing noise interrupts them, uncle runs from the room.


Quietly thinking to self…

Sipping tea ………………… Wicked one,

Stop Guinevere don’t drink anymore it’s poisoned you’ll die. He’s trying to kill you not heal you. Guinevere, What…? But why? I…. tea falls to tablecloth leaving a hole behind. He, he really is trying too…. Kill me.

Now knowing her uncle is evil and that evil is afoot.

Guinevere begins to wonder what she should do. She concludes that she must kill her uncle. But how to do it. This is so she may finally be safe.

As time passes…Guinevere begins to plot.

Guinevere, She within deep thought decides to poison her uncle the same as he tried to her but failed were….I know I will succeed.

Uncle, in a council meeting concerns of the kingdom. Bring wine I grow with thirst we all do. Sudden…. I don’t feel so well Help me rise I leave to he leaves hall he begins to fall. Ah, my stomach it hurts with head aching Falling to the hall floor, collapses Dead…….

In the shadows of the hall via the hidden alcove Poison for poison dear uncle.

Leaves……. Unnoticed by any.

Guinevere starts her journey.

Wicked one, Leaving so soon my child you’ve done well. Killing uncle was easy wasn’t it, you’re a natural. Darkness and evil deeds suit you, come.

Join me and you will never feel powerless.

Guinevere, Do you mean for me to learn the dark arts? Learn them you say and I will always be in control. Wicked one Yes,

Never will you feel powerless, never child.

Guinevere, she thinks about going and deside’s she will. She begins to follow him.

Traveling by his direction to where he lives…… She is almost to him when she here’s a voice telling her he lies and tricks her to not fall for…..I can’t I have changed my mind. I may have done wrong once but never again.

Wicked one, You will never escape from the darkness inside you. You will come back to me Begging for the power I can give you.

Guinevere leaves turning around to go back the way she came towards, once what was home. Traveling through forests and cities across water and mountain. Growing weary of all, she sees a place to sit, a grassy Knoll with a wide rock and gentle lake near. Walking over she sits.

Guinevere, So tired need to rest here…

Looking out at the water. I have been on the road for so long yet nobody has searched for me. Do they even care I’m gone? Who rules now. Tears…. Why do I cry ….for what purpose?

fairy godmother, As Guinevere sits in this quit place pondering what is next to be done with her life she hears soft steps. Turning she sees an old woman. This woman is odd there is a power about her that is gentle yet Guinevere is also scared of her. Tho she need not be.

Fairy Godmother, Why child do you weep with tears. I know I am a stranger but be not shy. Speak freely if wish it I will listen.

Guinevere, Done terrible thing I have

Know not how to undo it.

Crying…. Weeping…..

My soul renders my spirit with grief.

While she speaks…..Ha, my head hurts this this…..

Wicked one,

Come to me Guinevere listen to the power I could give you return and learn from me.

Dark power is the only way

Fall…. Fall…. fall Guinevere unto what I can teach you.

All of a sudden a blinding light shines once were old woman stood now stands bright beauty. She touches Guinevere and uses her power to push back and shield her from it. Healing her from its corruption.

Fairy godmother, Their child…..

Fear not you’re wrong it is not your own. I know your tale we together shall make right.

We shall bring light where evil rests.

Losing claws for its destruction.

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