My Guinevere

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A journey started

the Fairy Godmother and Guinevere take a journey lasting years. During time Guinevere goes from child to Warrior. With bow, blade, and armor she has defeated many enemies and Evil during her long search for a king of worth. Landing by ship upon Irish Isle.

Guinevere, land at last been at sea too long fairy godmother, indeed I feel our Quest truly begins here. finding what we seek Guinevere, taking belongings. they begin their search ending up at a small village.

fairy godmother and Guinevere, a celebration it seems goes on here. looks to be a Warriors competition. perhaps we’ll find what we seek here.

many weeks pass during where Guinevere win’s competitions fighting along with or against others in search for a king of worth.

To find him amongst the last he wears no armor and carries a bow. Guinevere fairy godmother, there he is, what we seek. I know it.

Guinevere wins against the final opponent.

walks over to a young man who names himself Arthur. asking of him to travel with them home and in return explains his destiny.

Guinevere, Arthur you are meant to be a king. your path like mine will not be easy.

there is a great evil that will do all to stop us from success.

Fairy godmother, Guinevere, Arthur I have found our ship home to England we must bored hurry. Fairy Godmother, Arthur, Guinevere, two months aboard ship with tossing waves and storms

Guinevere Arthur,

how much longer must we suffer this cruel weather of the Seas? can we not find calmer Waters. Fairy godmother,

be still both of you we are close to land and home. oh my look it would seem that the darkness of evil has grown we must hurry.

In a long journey home to where uncle died, she begins to have feelings for Arthur. Unbenounced so does Arthur towards her. As they travel these feelings of kinship grow and romance blooms. A love of two hearts Desiring the same thing to save and see the destruction of what they cherish the most ended.

Guinevere fairy godmother:

looking upon her home and its destruction.

Awestruck, how can this be so much is gone and destroyed. I do not even recognize where I stand. I can only, to think that I have been gone for a few years and all this has occurred this devastation.

Arthur, noticing that a battle was fought and ended recently. be careful all of you there has been a battle. it is not very old but quite recent the smell of blood still in the air. the stench of decay. all slowly move Forward weapons drawn, ready.

Arthur and Guinevere, Searching…… Looking…… it seems abandoned as if everyone left a while ago yet there are signs of battle. recent signs……

Fairy godmother, look there tread carefully the Dark lords evil lives here or did

Guinevere, the one who lied and tricked me into killing my uncle and harming my people.

Fairy godmother, Yes but remember we are here to make amends for this wrong. none of us can falter not now.

Wicked one, An evil laugh outlays the sky and ground causing all to freeze.

Hahaha, Haaaaaaaaa………………………

you think you can defeat me foolish Guinevere never. I will win.

you will fail. this land and all will fall.

you now see Arthur why I sought you why we sought you, the people.

this must end with your power and strength alongside mine.

Months-years pass with one battle after another against this darkness that corrupts Humanity. Arthur is now King and Guinevere Queen the people have found some stability. Even with the rising battle on Horizon. Arthur and Guinevere marry and have a son and daughter.

Fairy godmother,

You must be ready the wicked one grows in power and gets closer to us here at Camelot.

We have only one chance to defeat him.

Author you must focus on him leave the rest to your queen and the knights.

Guinevere remains near but keeps the wicked one’s minions at bay.

Author- Guinevere, Prepare warriors…….

Prepare knights…….. We ride to battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wicked one, they think they can defeat me!!!!

They go to their deaths the fools. Their deaths. I will show them the true significance of my power. The might of its destruction.

They will be pleading no begging for my lenience to their pathetic lives.

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