My Guinevere

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Guinevere's fall

Fairy godmother-author- Guinevere, Arriving in battlefield. Raise weapons warriors they come.

Many hours pass with both sides fighting to the last when suddenly Guinevere sees the wicked one aim his most powerful magic towards author a spell that not even Excalibur can protect from. Riding to his side just as she gains, shooting an arrow at the wicked one.

Guinevere, Author lookout……. Loosing arrow…………………. Author Sees,Turning to avoid.

Wicked one, Furious with Guinevere’s warning to author he changes direction of aim. Then it is you who dies queen

Guinevere, Falls to the ground after being hit with spell. Wicked one, Falls to the ground after being hit with Guinevere’s arrow.


Let his body be burned and cast to unknown winds. Know one to speak of him or is evil.

Our queen is dead by his hands.

Let her be buried in the fairest of the land and Forest to always be as protector and guardian under the biggest tree with a sun shines the brightest and the water flows the greatest. Fairy godmother, you are to be only one with records of this tragedy.

The battle has come to an end but with the queen’s death as price. As all return to castle Camelot with their king and fallen queen, many begin to cry and weep.

This very day of won battle the have also chosen to Beary the queen within her favorite place. Hereunder the Irish tree lays Guinevere a great hero fallen surrounded by here garden of immortal flower’s loved by all.

People and the king.

Fairy godmother and author

years have past and the king’s son and daughter so young still they all sit around the fireplace.

After telling them of their mother and her story he silently weeps and walks away from them.

To the garden, he goes where he knows she waits.

The end

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