Red Woods

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Amelia (Mia) and Isabella (Izzy)  are sent to live with their aunt in Crescent City California after the tragic death of their grandmother. However, nothing is what it seems in this peaceful little town. Everything Mia knew about family is shattered when she uncovers the secret her older sister has kept all of these years. Will a heartbroken Mia turn away from family or will she let Izzy save her soul before it's too late.  

Adventure / Mystery
D.M. Fire Star
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The Move

Authors Note: Thank you for reading! This story will have some conversation/text written in Spanish. I will translate them as needed. This story is from my imagination all characters are fictional. Enjoy.

- D.M.

“Chicas apúrense porque tenemos catorce horas en el caro. (Girls hurry up we have a fourteen hour drive)”

Tia Irma was a tall lady with dark brown chocolate hair and flawless tan skin. It was as if she was kissed by the sun god herself. She had a curvy body but always covered it up. Irma left the house when she was only eighteen years old. She fell head over heels completely and madly in love with a man called Rafael. Rafael was a construction worker passing through Los Angeles. He lived in Crescent city fourteen hours away from LA. However, it didn’t stop them from building a life together.

Amelia was a tall tan girl with long voluminous curly hair. She was the youngest of Irma’s nieces. Isabella was the oldest with short dark brown straight hair and honey gold skin. They both had brown eyes and a birthmark right above their lip on opposite sides. Many thought the girls were twins but they were exactly eleven months apart.

“Okay, Tia. Give us just a second to finish packing” yelled Izzy from upstairs.

Mia walked into Izzy’s room and sat on the bed.

“I don’t understand why we can’t just stay here? You are going to be eighteen in like two months. I am almost seventeen next month. We can fend for ourselves.”

“Mia, sometimes we have to let the grown-up decide what is best for us.”

“Like mom decided abandoning us was best for us? Like abuela deciding to?”

“Stop. Don’t. I know you are hurt but don’t say things you will regret later. Finish packing. We are leaving. I will not say it again.” Izzy raised her voice.

Mia left Izzy’s room and walked into her own room. She went into the closet and opened her memory box to look at all the pictures. To remember all the memories she had with abuela. It was just Abuela, Mia and Izzy for so long. It was hard to believe abuela passed away.

Mia heard Izzy at the door and she said to her,

“I don’t want to leave... ” Mia whispered

“Look, I know I was harsh earlier. You have to understand if we stay we will get split up.” Izzy said moving closer to Mia.

Mia looked up at Izzy from the bedroom floor and said, “but if we don’t stay, I won’t feel her anymore. Right now I still feel her.”

“What do you mean?” Izzy asked.

“I feel that if we leave I feel like I won’t be able to feel her anymore. Like she will no longer be a part of me.”

“Oh no Mia, no. Abuela will always be a part of you. A part of me and a part of us; she will always be with us. Just because we are leaving her house does not mean we are forgetting her. Now help me finish packing a few things in my room.” said Izzy as she walked towards the hallway.

“Ugh. I love you but no you have way too many dresses. I’d rather finish packing the kitchen” Mia said laughing.

“Okay fine! I will meet you downstairs, you brat.”

“Already to go?” Tia Irma asked.

“Yes” they both said together.

“I call shotgun!” said Mia.

“I am the oldest!” yelled Izzy.

“Girls I have heard you fight more times today than ever. Mia called it first. She can sit in the passenger seat.”

Mia stuck her tongue out at Izzy.

“I saw that Mia! Do not make me change my mind.” Irma raised her voice.

Mia always enjoyed the car rides to the Redwoods. Going there was an escape from her life in Los Angeles. However, this trip was different. This was goodbye.

Mia closed her eyes before letting the tears fall. As she buckled her seat belt she whispered a small prayer for her grandmother.

As they drove off, Mia started to doze off into a dream.

He said, “Mia. Don’t come here. Mia., turn around. Mia, stay away from here. Turn around”

That voice she knew that voice so familiar yet so strange. She had dreamt this dream so many times never being able to see his face. This one felt different. She actually could feel him embracing her. She could feel his chest moving up and down. She could feel the warmth of his exhales. He held her close. His face near her neck. He moved her hair from the side of her neck making her tilt her head to the side. Every place he touched her body would come alive. She wanted more. She wrapped her arms around him trying to get a better look at his face. There was a large tattoo of a Crescent Moon on his right arm. She traced it with her fingers.

“My love. My love you need to leave. I can’t be around you” he said in between kisses on her neck. “I can’t control it around you”.

He leaned his head down and bit his right wrist. As he pulled his mouth away and pushed his bleeding wrist towards her mouth and said “Drink” in a commanding voice.

She was horrified by the blood. She pushed him but his grip on her was strong. She used both her hands to get out of his embrace. When he noticed her panicking he released her and turned his back.

“I am sorry. I am a monster. How could I ever think you would love me.”

She tried to speak up but the words wouldn’t come out. She reached out but he vanished. She tried to run after him but she was paralyzed.

She started to hear Izzzy’s voice in the distance. She tried to tell herself it was only a dream and to follow Izzy’s voice. As Mia woke up she felt warmth from the car heater on her face and legs.

“Earth to Mia, Mia, Amelia!” Izzy shouted, finally reaching across to the passenger side to smack Mia on her arm.

“Ow que? (ow what?)”

“Can you hand me the water?” Izzy said point to the water next to the cup holder.

“You woke me up to hand you a water bottle that is closer to you than me. Seriously? “ Mia said annoyed.

“What I am driving?” Izzy shrugged. “Plus you looked like you were having another nightmare. Were you?”

“Ugh? Was I what?”

“Having a nightmare?”

“No. yes. It’s the same one I have been having.”

“Why do I get the feeling this there is a but?”

“This one was different, Iz.”

“The kinky one, right? Different how? Did you see his face? ”

“It’s NOT kinky. It’s just intense. It started like it usually does with him telling me ‘stay away’ but then he told me to drink his blood.” she laughed.

“Yeah some hot guy comes to your dreams to tell you to stay away and then forces you to drink his blood?! Did you do it? ”

“What ew no. That is disturbing on a whole other level. What do you think the dream means?” Mia asked.

“I think it’s about Crescent City. This used to be our vacation spot. Now it will be our home. Your unconscious is just telling you don’t want to leave LA. Which I do not understand because you used to love it there! You never wanted to leave! What changed? Don’t say it’s that dream.”

“No, not the dream. I just feel like a part of me is missing.”

“I told you we won’t forget her. She will always be with us. Think of this as a new start. You can even get new clothes. Hell, if you really want you can even change your name. You can tell everyone to call you M-Dog” she smirked.

" OKAY A-dog” they both laughed. “Well if this is a new beginning you should start paying attention to the road!”

“Oh cause you always pay attention to the road.”

" Hay niñas ya me dieron un dolor de cabeza con tanto pleito (Girls all of your fighting has given me a headache). You guys start just fine talking and laughing and then suddenly fight left and right. I do not understand you two”

“Ya Mia shut up.”

Mia mumbles “I just have a bad feeling.”

Mia looked out the windshield and she knew they were close. The redwood trees were so enormous. The branches of the trees along both sides of the highway would reach across the road intertwining and interlocked with each other creating a tunnel above the highway. However, it also made it dark, misty and gloomy. Just like everything in Crescent City.

Their new home.

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