The Unsettling Truth

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You know that one person who gets too involved in things to the point he becomes a town “hero”? That's me. My name is Asashi Jonas and I’m here to tell you the story of my town. It all started with one single death. It all started with the death of Carter Celeste. You never really know how much people mean to you until something happens to them. Take it from my best friend, Kelton Castillá. That exact moment that Carter was pronounced dead, everything changed in that mans’ life. Nothing was the same. Nothing at all…

Adventure / Mystery
シ Ava
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Chapter 1: Introduction

It’s never been much of a concern to me about people's exs running around the town. You know? Unless, that is...they’re crazy. Some people you just don’t really know until you’re with them behind closed doors. Even if you think you know them, you’re not entirely sure. Things don’t always go right, blah blah blah. But when I say people around here in San Diego are crazy, I’m not being dramatic. Even though Milena knows almost everything that goes on around here, I also know a bit myself. Now I’m not trying to be a hypocrite when I say people are crazy, but really some people are just straight up INSANE.

Now I don’t really tend to explain these sorts of things to people, but since nobody will see this I’ll just write it down. I might as well just throw this journal into the fireplace when I’m done writing this. I don’t think Della would mind whatsoever.

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