The Unsettling Truth

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Chapter 2: His Final Goodbye

Some people in this town don’t understand that this town isn’t at all sunshine and rainbows. You may as well just call it the complete opposite. The minute that everybody is okay and nothings going on, some crazy psychopath rolls in destroying the town. Ava told me that there’s crazy people in Tennessee but she doubts they’re as bad as they are over here. Her exact words are “Asashi. There’s people that deserve death row over there. The worst I’ve gotten over here was a mind controller.” Anyways, I should get to explaining about this chapters’ title. It’s a long story. Do you remember Nico Castillá? And how he’s...yea. My bad, okay! I’ll explain. It all started when I was painting a family portrait of Della, Bailey and I. And all of a sudden I heard a loud wack come from the woods in my backyard. And me being the curious dingus I am, I decided to go observe what happened. It wasn't raining or windy so it couldn’t have been that. I knew that something would’ve been going down because moments before, I was on the phone with Dustin and he told me he saw Violet run out of the house with a loud slam. Moments later, he said he heard murmuring from outside with a familiar voice. Next thing I know it, Dustin blurts out a name. “NICO.” If I remember correctly, my first instinct was to put my coat on and run to the scene. A few minutes later, there I was. Standing behind a tree watching this whole situation go down. The moment that that punk laid a hand on Violet, I came out of the trees and approached him with a glare. I knew he was scared even though he wasn’t showing it. Am I really that scary? Heh. Anyways, I pulled him closer to me by his shirt and I looked him dead in his eyes and said “Touch her again and you’ll regret it.” So scary, yeah I know. Whatever I say that seems threatening, people become terrified. The Jonas family has a reputation of being dangerous due to their close relatives being the Diaz family and us Jonas’ anger issues. Back to what I was saying, he glared back at me and said something along the lines of “You can’t tell me what to do.” I rolled my eyes and brought Violet back home because the Kozak house is just a few houses down the road from mine. I went back home to continue with my painting. A few hours later, I come back outside of my house to see Nico with yet another injured girl. Before I explain this, this part will be a bit gruesome. It was Milena. Don’t get me wrong, I love Milena. She’s a great friend of mine who’s helped me through a lot. But why would she have to be near him of all people? I looked at Milena again to make sure she wasn’t focused on what was about to go down. I glared at Nico for a good 30 seconds before deciding it was time. There was nobody here to stop me. Milena was distracted by Dilan, and yes Dilan was there. I stormed up to where he was standing and I forcefully grabbed him by his neck and held him up in the air. I started to murmur words like “I hope you regret messing with my friends” or something like that. Slowly but surely, I could see the life drain out of his eyes. I looked back at Milena, who was looking at me mortified. She was tearing up and that made me even more frustrated to the point I threw Nico across the road where the back of his head started bleeding. My eyes widened as I looked at his lifeless body and back at the two. I was as shocked as they were..

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