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TIARA : A Search for Princess

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Every castle needs a Princess, and a Princess needs a Tiara. But who is deserve to be a Princess? The Castle is in search for a next Princess, open for all single ladies ages 18 to 21 years old. Anyone can join as long as you're qualified. Are you the next to be crowned as a Princess? So what are you waiting for? Join and sign up online for your application.

Adventure / Poetry
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What: Searching for a Princess
Who: All Ladies, ages 18-25 years old
How: Fill-out a form via online
Where: www.tiaraprincess.com

What are you waiting for!

Register now to have a chance to
be the crowned as a Princess.


“Hey! Chloe, did you see the announcement from the kingdom?” Amber excitedly asked me.

“No. I’m not! What’s it’s all about?” I asked her with a boring face.

“Just take a look of this.“she handed me a flyer and started to read.

“So what’s the matter with this?” I asked her.

She rolled her eyes and set beside me.

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t you see it? The Kingdom is searching for a princess. And you are suitable with this.Your beautiful . You have the chance to have both. The Tiara and the prince.” she said,

“Amber, you know me. It’s not my thing. I only wanted to have a simple life. The kingdom, the tiara and the prince? They’re only deserved for the royals. And im just an ordinary. I have nothing. And only nothing but you gaiz.” I replied and took a deep breathe.

“If only i reach the age of 18. I will never let this opportunity. This is once in a lifetime. Don’t you interested? In the Prince? What if he looks like the hottiest from the movie we watched? What if....” I interrupt her fairy tales.

“My mind won’t changed. Amber, just forget about this thing. Just clean up your mess at the kitchen. Mom and Dad will be here in a minute. Go downstairs now.”

“Just inform me when you’re mind change. We only have one week left before the registration start.” she said with a smile painted on her face.

“I said, My mind won’t change. No more what if’s......

Tiara. Princess. Kingdom. Prince.
It won’t gonna happen.

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