The Butterfly Effect

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WIP - Asashi explains the backstories of citizens of San Diego and incidents that follow up with them.

Adventure / Mystery
シ Ava
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Chapter 1: Introduction

You know that one person who gets too involved in things to the point he becomes a town “hero”? That's me. My name is Asashi Jonas and I’m here to tell you the story of my town. It all started with one single death. You heard me correctly, ONE death. Who knew that could do so much? I sure didn’t. Anyways enough of the side chat. It all started with the death of Carter Celeste. I don’t remember the exact date it was, but it was sometime in..March, perhaps?

Now, you may be thinking.. Asashi, get to the point. But the thing is my friend.. this is just the beginning. You never really know how much people mean to you until something happens to them. Take it from my best friend, Kelton Castillá. That exact moment that Carter was pronounced dead, everything changed in that mans’ life. Nothing was the same. Nothing at all…

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