24 Hours

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The resurrection of a souls after a long survival In the Dark forest. They should finish this within 24 Hours. Will they?

Adventure / Thriller
Kevin Anthony
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Dark Valley

(One girl woke up in a horrible land, clouds are red and shady, broken coffins and skulls, that place looks like a grave to her)

"Where I'm? Why I came to this place!", said the girl.

(A soul with a white face coming to her)

She said, " Who are you look like a demon!" It said, " yeah, I'm not a demon but you gonna change as a demon!" What are you telling me about? Why I'm here," said the girl. It said, "yeah let me explain, I'm Dark soul' and this place is called 'Dark Valley'.all the human's souls will come who died in the earth" what? But I do not die!", said the girl. "Yeah, correct human's souls which came to this place, they'll forget all their details! Including you, tell me what's your name?", said the dark soul. She said, " yes, what's my name?". your name is Carson", said the dark soul. "How do you know my name?" It said, " I'm the dark soul I know everybody's details their name everything because I'd made by the lord". Carson said, " but I do not die! Why I came to this place?

It said, " Hey I already told know, " you forgot everything. you had killed by a person". Carson said, " so who is that? Why that guy killed me?". "I can't tell that details but I gonna ask one question can you tell the answer to that!", said the dark soul. Carson said, " tell what's that".

It said, " if I told that person who killed you, what you'll do?". She said, " I'll kill that guy!". Huh, "that's why I didn't tell", said the dark soul. " "you can tell who is that because I can't kill that guy, I already died!", said Carson. " It said, " yes, correct but you've one chance to get your life back!" ."What? It is there!", said Carson. It said, " yes sure, we'll give a chance for those guys who died but it's not easy to do!" She said, " I've to do because I've only this!"."I love your braveness, okay I'll give a quest for you can do that? But other human souls couldn't do this!, They'd died. 10 or 11 souls escaped from this place", said the dark soul.

She said, " yeah, I'm ready, tell me what I've to do!". It said," can you see that!". "Yes there's a forest, said Carson. "It's not only a forest, but it's also called Dark valley's forest. A lot of angry and hungry demonic creatures are living in that place", said the dark soul. "Okay, don't tell me to go to that place please!", said Carson. " if you wanna resurrection, you should do this!", said the dark soul. She said, " okay I'll do that". It said, " Take this crucifix (A cross with a figure of Jesus Christ) A huge well is situated in the center of the forest. You should throw this crucifix in the well, you should do this within 24 hours". "If you did that, I'll give you the resurrection or if you couldn't! I'll send you to hell forever". Carson said, " Oh, it's very easy, I'll go through this forest and throw this crucifix into that well"

"Haha, it's not easy, that big a well is connected with the hell, so many dark creatures living in that huge well, that will kill you, be careful. Use this glass piece, that will show the way to the well and keep this pocket-sized clock". Said by the dark soul. " how this glass piece shows the way?", asked Carson. "You just show that in the sky! Now I wanna go, so best of luck!", said the Dark soul.

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