24 Hours

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Walkthrough the Dark forest

"Oh my God this forest looks so dark and creepy", said Carson.

(She walks through the forest her footsteps disturbed the demons of the dark dimension. Suddenly, a noise cane from the bunchy Trees, she gets close to see about that! She met another soul) " Hey who are you?", said Carson. "Hoo! Who are you?", said the other soul? " I'm Carson!" My name is Mark, I came to this place for my resurrection", said Mark. "huh, me too! Are you dead? asked by Carson. Mark said, " I don't know, that dark soul told me about my death but I do not remember that"." I'm also coming for my resurrection, " said Carson. "I think, it's not easy! Because I saw a demon, that looks very dark. It has two red eyes but I couldn't saw the face", said Mark.

" how do you escaped from that creature", said Carson. He said, "I just showed the crucifix(crucifix- A cross with a figure of Jesus Christ) it vanished!"

"We must throw our crucifix into the huge well. You know that we'll is connected with the hell", said Carson. Mark said, " yes! That dark soul told me about this and about the dark dimension!" (Carson suddenly took her picked sized clock) "But we should do this within 24 hours!", said Carson. Mark said, " yes! But now we have 23 should and 10 mins". Carson said, " Oh, we have no time! Let's do this mission together. Are you ready Mark?" Yes! Let's finish this mission and go our home" (finally, both took a decision and they walk through this dark valley's forest)"oh this forest so creepy wait", said the son. "What happened Carson?" She said, "How we'll go to the well! I don't know the way for that!" Mark said, " hey that dark soul gave a glass know" yes! I forget about that. Wait I'll take my glass, we should go right side"

"Carson, we have only 21 hours", said mark. She said," yeah, Hey mark lie down! lie down!" He asked, " what happen? "See that A devil eating a creature, " said Carson. He said, " so weird, hey Carson sees that eyes it's eyes in yellow and it has long teeth". She said, " take your crucifix mark right now!" (That crucifix slipped from Mark's hand. Suddenly that devil looked and it gets close to Mark) "Oh my god, that crucifix slipped from my hand", said Mark. (that devil get too close and Mark is Screaming) " Somebody please help me, I gonna die!" (Suddenly Carson took her Crucifix and showed it to the devil and it disappeared) "thank you very much, Carson!", said Mark. She said, " haha, you cried! You're so frightened!" Yeah, I'm really scared. I thought, I gonna die but you saved me! Thank you", said Mark. She said, " it's okay but don't say 'thank you because we are friends!"

(Mark was smiled and he picked his crucifix)

"Right, let's go", said Mark." are we going in the correct way?", asked Mark. She said, " yeah, Mark. We should go straight!" (They spent 13 hours for walking and they're reached 75% close to the well. Now, they're in the peak of a Mountain) "Wow, it's very beautiful", said Mark." Yeah, this place looks like heaven!". Carson said, " Mark we reached 75%". He said, " how do you know that?" She said, " can you see that place!". "Yeah, that place is so dark, I guess that well is situated there," said Mark. (they walked for a while) Mark said, " we have only 12 hours". She said, " We should make a tent because the clouds are dark!". Mark said, "yes! We should not travel at night". " see that there's a cave", said Carson. (They reached close to the cave that cave looks horrible, it's rocks got rubbish and they couldn't see inside, due to the darkness.

Carson said, " Mark we want some woods for fire". Mark said, " okay, I go and search for those woods". (Mark walk through the forest as alone for searching the woods) "Something is disturbing me", said Mark. (He picked the crucifix from his pocket and he holds that till he reaches his cave) " Oh my god, I can't make the fire!", said Carson.

"Wait I'll come because I know how to do", said Mark. (Finally, Mark made the fire) Carson said, " 10 hours left! Mark". "It's okay we reached 90%, let's sleep for 5 hours, said", Mark. She said, " yeah we're so tired!" (10 mins later) "Carson are you slept?", asked Mark. She said, " I couldn't sleep, you tell me how can I sleep our life is gonna end! Because if we couldn't finish this mission! What we'll do?"

(Carson is crying) Mark said, "don't talk like this, because we can do it! I know we can! , ha why are you crying now? (Mark touch her shoulder and he trying to motivate her)

He said, "I'll save you this is my promise!" (She hugged him) "you're my best friend Mark", said Carson. He said, " I'll do anything for you!

Believe me.....

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