Finding Love

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Amy wakes up on a hospital bed after gaining consciousness from her comatosed state. However, her memory is as vivid as a blank canvas. It was as if she was reborn. With no recollection of her old life before the car accident that seemed to justify her current state, Amy struggles to find purpose in her new life. It was not until Lucas came into the picture. Lucas in her life is like chili and milk. He is both her savior from and inflicter of the accident that cost Amy her memories.But Lucas might just be the key to finally discovering her purpose in life. Read as their adventures unfold right before you eyes where secrets are revealed and old wounds are opened.

Adventure / Romance
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Author's Greetings

This story is a product of the author's creative imagination. All character names, places and events mentioned in the story are fictional.

This story is the very first that I have written. Your comments and/or reviews will be much appreciated.

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