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A story of taken your life back from someone who never wanted to let you live it.

Adventure / Romance
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Five years after leaving my life

Chapter 1

It's been five years since I left my life behind in Miami because of my stalker, since then I have somewhat got back to myself. I am living in the middle of nowhere South Carolina. I have fallen in love with an amazing man who knows a little about my past but not why I left Miami. A call from my brother is about to change all that I am about to have to tell him everything because my starker is back and on the hunt for the woman who got away from him. My name is Sara Hail and this is my story.

It was a nice summer day Jay was cooking on the grill and all of our friends were over. I was in the house getting some drinks to put in the cooler and some more buns for burgers. I walk outside and say babe a little help here yeah he walks over and grabs the beers and comes out then I hear the phone ring my friend Hana say I will take those go get the phone. I answer the phone “Hello, Hey sis how are you oh hey Jason I am good me and Jay are having a cookout with are friends oh will I will call you back alright hey is everything okay you never call I will tell you later just call me after everyone leaves alright. Hey Jason I love you bro I will talk to you in a bit okay just please don’t forget to call me I won’t. Jay walks in and says who was that brother Jason. How is he okay I guess but he told me that I had to call him back after everyone left alright. I will remind you thanks babe. Hana walks back in and say hey is everything alright yeah come on let’s get back out there alright they walk out and everyone starts gathering around her and Jay she say what is going on he takes her hand and say babe I love you, I love your smile, and the way you can always tell what I am thinking and I love the way you make me feel when we are together. I am standing here in front of you and all of our friends madly and hopelessly in love with you so Sara Haley Hail will you do me the honor of being my wife. Jay we need to talk before I answer you. He gets up and says alright but knows that whatever it is I love you and nothing will change that. Hana pulls me aside and say what are you doing Jay just asked you to be his wife. What do you have to talk about a lot? A few minutes later everyone starts to leave Jay saying Sara what is going on let me call Jason back and then I will tell you everything and why I couldn’t give you an answer alright. Sara call Jason hey Jas what is up are you alone no I am with Jay is that your boyfriend you have been telling me about yeah okay will I didn’t want to have to call and tell you this but he’s back Sara what no it’s been five years why is he starting now because it's close to the sixteenth of Nov, oh how do you know its him Jason he has been leaving a white rose and pictures of you from before you left do you think he knows where I am we can’t be sure but I think you should come home so that me and Mac can keep you safe no I am safe here Sara he has killed seven women so far what I drop the phone and Jay picks it up he say Jason what the hell is going on Jason say I could ask you the same question what are you doing with my sister Jay and what is your story. My name is Jay Londan. I am a Marine and I work helping my father run his woodworking business. Alright Jay how much do you know about Sara’s past not alot but she was going to tell me everything once you and her get off the phone. Sara says Jay let me talk to him. I guess I am going home. Jay says no, tell me what is going on. Jay the reason I left Miami is because I had a stalker he attacked when I was working at a cafe Jason and his friend tried to keep me safe but a month after the attack the guys got resigned and he attacked me again this time outside of my house and he left this on my body he told me that it was so that no other man would want me. Show me she lifts her shirt up and shows her stomach to him he says oh baby is this why you wanted to wait yeah I didn’t want you to see what that monster did to me I love you so much and I didn’t want this to change how you feel about me. Sara looks at me this does not change anything I love you and I will be right here beside and he will never get this close to you again I promise. Jason say I am going to set everything up for you to come home just tell me where you are so that me and Mac can come meet you and escort you and Jay back here no we can’t I will not put this place or our friends in danger because of this guy we will meet y’all in Nashville Tennessee alright see you there in a day alright. Sara hangs up the phone and sits down on the bed and starts thinking about everything that she went through before leaving Miami. Jay we need to pack I have to go help Jason and Mac stop this guy.

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