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Patch is a afican wild dog. after her pack leader "dies" her and her grandfather goes to hunt him down.

Adventure / Fantasy
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chap 1

"mate!" Sock shouts. running towards Patch. "what is it grandpa?" Patch says in a tone where you can't tell if she is mad or depressed. "i was sat and i got a idea!" Patch rolled her eyes. but she sat down and curled her tail in front of her front paws. "what is it?" Patch asked. Sock looked around, and finally spoke. " i think King is alive." Patch's eyes widen. she leaned in closer to Sock. "what makes you think that? did a voice tell you? do i need to bring yo-" Patch was cut off by a "shhh!" coming from Sock. "i just know okay mate? meet me at the highest tree not so far from home at midnight. okay mate?" Patch didn't really know what too say, so she just nodded her head and walked away.

it was when the moon was at it's highest in the sky. Patch carefully got up from her place in the hole. she was trying her best too not wake everyone else up form the pack. once she was in the clear, she ran to the highest tree in the field where Sock told her to meet him. once she got there, she was panting and her tongue was out. but through her pants, she called out. "grandpa?" she called out. "mate." Patch turned around too see Sock behind her. "take a seat mate." Patch sat down. "king is still alive. you're gonna have to trust me when i say that we have to bring him back, too show everyone." Patch thought for a second, was this really worth it? was it worth leaving home and maybe dying? she took a deep breath, and spoke. "i trust you, grandpa." Patch nodded. and so did Sock. he walked out in front of her, and nodded his head north. "c'mon, let's go." Patch gave a smile.
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