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I started this when I was 14 but never completed it, I’m 19 now so it’s been a while since I’ve looked at the book. Bare with me please it’ll get better and when its finished I’ll start editing it completely. This book tells the story of two alpha wolves. They are a twin, the same but also very different. You’ll come to see that their life isn’t the average alpha children’s life. They’ll face hardships, pain, confusion, love, mysteries and they’ll come to know what life really means for a pack less Wolf, compared to that of a wealthy pack wolf. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kicked out rogue or a chosen lone wolf, you’ll never belong and you’ll never be a trusted ally. Friends are hard to gain and will often stab you in the back when they see a chance. What will happen when the two alphas from a pristine family turn into unknown and untrusted pack-less wolves?

Adventure / Fantasy
ATW Rose
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We are the two rogue's we are feared by a lot of other wolves and packs. We are brother and sister and we are a twin when we are human we look guit the same other then that one of us is a boy and the other a girl, we both have black hair and we are a little tan. We also have the same eye colour the only thing about that is that we have two different colours of our eye's one of us has the left eye bleu that become brighter untill its yellow arount the pupel and the right eye red that become darker arount the pupel until its black, the other one has the same only that left and right is the uppeside. We are both almost arount 6,4 and 6,1 so thats also not much of a differens, we are both Alpha blood realatives but we desided that we diddent want to become a Alpha and a Luna but to become rogue's so we can be free from responsebilities. We got some trouble with the hole comming free from the pack and our family becouse we do love them and we are both alpha's so its hard to get lose from our pack. We are also special becouse we are two shifters that means that we can shift in two creatures that is for both of us a normal wolf and for one of us a demonwolf that is like it already say's a wolf and demon hybrid and for the other one a angelwolf that is also what it say's a wolf and a angel hybrid, that dousn't mean that one of us is bad and the other good but that one of us has some kind of powers and gifts and the other has the uppeside powers and gifts. Also one of us is black with white and the other is white with black but the angelwolf is pure white and the demonwolf is pure black. Our parents are normal Alpha and Luna wolves. Our father is as a wolf the colour Bordeaux but more to the Brown side and as a human he has the same colour hair and ice bleu eye's and is around 6,8. Our mother is as a wolf also the colour Bordeaux but more to the red side, as a human she has the same hair colour and has soft Bordeaux/red eyes but not the weird kind of colour it looks just normal and she is about 5,8. They both are tan and they are each others mate. For now good bye see you soon.

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