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Chapter 1

POV Jason

Another stupid boring day. Its always the same waking up at six, training from seven till four and after that its Alpha practice from six till twelve. I almost have no time for my friends and sister, not that she has much time to talk herself. She also has school from eight till four, training from five till eight and after that special Luna practice from nine till twelve. So we only see each other at breakfest, diner and when we are going to bed. When we turn eighteen we will become the Alpha and Luna of the pack, I can't wait (hear the sarcasm). But until then I will do my best to make my and my sisters life the best of all. I'm also walking to my sister right now so I can "take" her away from her school to take her to our secret hideout, its a cave behind the waterfall of the lungering spirits. I walk to her classroom and nock. Yes, who's there? the teacher say's. Jason Jaydens brother. I answer. what is it boy? he asks. I'm comming to take my sister from school. I answer him, And who has given you permission to do so? he asks. I have my parents and you're Alfa and Luna's permission to do so, or do you have questions about they're leadership? I mindlink him No no, I don't its allright. You can take her, just say that its verry important and Ill make it Allright. He guikly say's. Good. I say back. Its really important she has to come. I say, Allright you can go, Jayden stand up and go with you're brother. Don't forget to make you're homework

He say's.

Next chapter you can read what they are gonna do

PS i'm sorry that its so bad i'm a little inspirationless but ill fix it up

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