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The story is about a young petty thief, who unexpectedly stole the time machine and ended up as a prisoner in the stone age.

Adventure / Scifi
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Time Never Existed- part 1

Get me out , get me out of this freaky rotating thing, yelled Ash. No one was around to hear him cry out for help. It all happened in a minute and a sudden hush as the TTM ( Ted's Time Machine ) disappeared from the room where Ash sneaked in to steal metal for money.


The TTM was the one thing Ted always loved and spent his entire teenage life and early adulthood building it. It was about time that he wanted to show the world his invention. He went to the balcony with a glass of cabernet, to call the media. He wanted it to be the sensation of the century. The time was fixed, "It's tonight , the world is about to witness my life's work. I'm travelling to meet my late grand pa, I couldn't say goodbye to him then, but now, Science is about to help me meet him in his early 30's" ted ended the conversation with the media associate. "Sure! I'll be the first one to be there and watch the impossible become possible", responded the media guy who is an old friend of Ted.

"No freaking way! " exclaimed Ted after entering his workshop and discovering that his TTM disappeared. He was startled, dropped his special wine glass to the floor, a tear crawled down his shivering cheek and fell on his feet bringing him back to the senses. He did not know what to do, where to go and who to ask. He questioned himself multiple times if he set the TTM on auto by accident. No answers found, disappointed, he lay down on the floor of the empty workshop, staring into nowhere, feeling broken.


It was a pleasant afternoon, cool breeze, birds chirping, leaves rustling, it looked like a paradise to Ash, who just opened his eyes after the vigorous rotations in the time machine that he was not aware of. He crawled out of the TTM and dragged himself to a coconut tree next to him and leaned on it.

"Holy mother of earth", he blurted after looking at the village, while walking down the hill, on which he woke up. There were hardly 30 houses in the vast area. He came across a wooden hoarding, in the shape of an arrow, 'Peaceville' carved on it, indicating towards the village. "I lived in India all my life and I've never heard of this village" Ash murmured, slowly walking closer to the village simultaneously.


To be continued ........

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