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The story is about a young petty thief, who unexpectedly stole the time machine and ended up as a prisoner in the stone age.

Adventure / Scifi
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The blow on Ash's neck, delivered by a giant man was so hard, it knocked him down for a long duration. He woke up under an oak tree, the sun rays were striking his eyes through the leaves and branches, he slowly rolled over to his right, trying to avoid the direct sunlight, and he noticed a group of 20 giant men watching him. The sight of the ape like men shook him, he quickly got himself on his knees as they tied his hands and legs with fiber rope. Ash cried out loud "who are you people? what is this place? Please don't hurt me. I'm no danger to you people." The giant men did not respond to any of his words, they were watching every move of Ash with their spears pointing at him. Ash tried to balance himself to get up and stand on his feet, and one of the men threw a spear four feet away from Ash, it landed two feet deep piercing through the ground. Ash realised that he's a prisoner and he will be shot if he tries anything special.

Ash watched the giant men for hours long, he looked around but couldn't see any huts or constructions. The giant men were over seven feet tall, hairy and muscular bodies with a slightly bent backbone. The hair grew all over their body which made them look more like an ape than a human. They were extremely strong and Ash felt they were surprisingly disciplined. They were communicating among themselves with a sign language which seemed not too complicated to Ash as he figured out with some of their signs that the men were hungry. The sign was a simple gesture, they were touching their stomach with their hand and then pointing it to their mouth, it was simple enough for Ash to understand the giants were hungry. They split in two groups and the first group of men went in to the woods while the second group continued to guard Ash. Few minutes later the first group returned with guavas and bananas. They shared the food and filled their bellies while Ash was kneeling with hunger.

As both groups finished their delicious fruit meal, there were still some bananas left. Ash couldn't hold his hunger anymore, he decided to ask for food, he gathered his strength and courage and signalled them the same way they signalled among themselves, by touching his stomach with his tied hands and then pointing the hands to his mouth. The giant men looked surprised by this gesture, one of them came forward to throw a banana at Ash, but the rest signalled him to stop.

As the time passed by, each of the giant men's group took a nap while the other group watches Ash. There was an unanticipated alert among the giant men, bringing all of them in to a sort of attentiveness. Ash tried to assess the situation but he was confused with the sudden alert among the giants. He then saw a shrewdness of apes, running closer, that sounded louder than a thousand men marching in their armors. As they approached closer to Ash and the giant men guarding him, Ash saw they weren't apes, they're all men similar to the giants that were guarding him. Looking at those hundreds of giants running towards him, he decided to call them MANZEES, men who look like chimpanzees. The shrewdness of Manzees arrived at the place where Ash was held captive and they had a leader. The group that was guarding Ash, cleared the way for their leader who looked atleast a foot taller than the rest, with giant shoulders, huge feet and wide chest. The rest of the Manzees stood behind when their leader walked towards Ash, with a suspicious look. The leader of the Manzees stood out among the rest, as he's the only one with a straight backbone.

------To be Continued-------

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