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Every choice can change Life, Life is a book where YOU Choose YOUR Story with choices. Going from Infancy to Retirement. You can expect worse. But there is a little bit of humor.

Adventure / Humor
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Your in darkness... You see something... A light, a very bright light! Do you dare go towards the light?

Go to page 3 to go to the light. Page 5 to stay...

Think about this... this might be required to LIVE!
This choice is important to go on, who knows what will happen!

Your alive and well.You can't see since you where just born. You are Nathan Blaze, You where born in Tokyo, Japan!
But you mostly have American blood, That is probably the reason for your American name.

Go to page 7
You DIED From Staying inside the darkness.

R.I.P Nathan Blaze He was never born, And never meant to... Because he'd be a brat anyways.
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