The Storm of the Century (The Monarch of Iceland #1)

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In 10th century Iceland, the eldest of three lord brothers disappears within a shipwreck. This leads the father of the three to put the other two sons on a quest to seek said brother's whereabouts. But is there more to the ordeal than meets the eye?

Adventure / Drama
Liam Barath-Lane
Age Rating:


It rained down harder than a meteor shower while the thunder up in the sky was louder than a falling bolder.

Each and every man on the ship did best as he could to survive the catastrophe, as it was a major one like no other.

“Secure the life-lines!” the captain immediately shouted.

From the looks of it, few of the crew members did just that. Little did they, or even the captain himself, know that that would in no way be enough for their own private safety.

The captain then added, “Worry not, men, we will be out from these waves in no time at all!”

“Are you certain of this!?” a crewman loudly asked.

The captain the turned and looked at him. “Do you dare question the guidance of your God-forsaken cap !?”

Suddenly then, the ship hit a supposed curb.

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