American Scorceress (The Tales of the Six Orphans #1)

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A goth teenager meets an elderly woman whom (after turning out to be a wiccan) introduces her to the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Upon her days in a boarding school, the 18-year-old soon discovers that she herself may in fact be capable of such things.

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Once upon a time, there lived six orphans ages 8-10. Their names were Bradly, Milton, Lydia, Isabella, Nathan, and Dawn, and they (at least the majority of them) were far from ordinary. The orphanage each and every one of them lived in was in that of Dublin, Ireland, and it was as delightful for them as you could possibly imagine. But that life in which they lived did not last long, as someone else had soon stepped in. The person was a young woman. She was not a mother, nor sister, nor aunt, nor cousin to either of them. She was none other than a gentle and kind looking young woman with dirty blonde hair (which she always wore in a bun) who often wore a long-tanned coat. Like each of the six children, she herself was far from ordinary. As the years went by, she and the children formed a bond; it was nothing special, at least to some of them. But that all soon came to a halt as something terrible had happened to one of the six children, something quite awful. Because of this, the mysterious woman had eventually vanished without a trace. This of course did not sit well with the six children, as said woman had a far bigger influence on them than was intended; in fact, one of said children was by far the most influenced out of all the six.

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