American Scorceress (Legacy of the Six: Book 1)

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The First Day (Part 1)

It was September 14th, 2009.

“Debra” Debra’s mother called out.

“What?” Debra responded after five seconds. The way she spoke was very muffled, as she was heard all the way from upstairs.

“Are you up?” the mother added.

“Yes,” Debra responded again, giving her another muffled answer.

Debra’s mother then gazed upward, facing the staircase. “Well can you come down please?”

“I will,” Debra firmly spoke out.

The mother let out a sigh as she then turned around walked over to the sink. Presumably, she had just finished washing one or two of the dishes she was shown clearly wiping off her hands with a rag nearby.

“She’s probably still in her pajamas,” a young boy, quite obviously Debra’s little brother, commented, as he sat down at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs cereal.

The mother looked at him with bemusement. “I hope to God not.”

About 7-8 seconds later, the sound of footsteps appeared; they were blatantly coming from the stairs. Right then and there, it was obvious that Debra was finally about to show up. After doing just that, she appeared to be already fully dressed, having on a pair of jeans, shoes, along with a black tank-top.

Not only that, her brother quickly noticed something about her just before it grabbed the attention of her mother.

Debra then shrugged, greeting, “Morning,” to her and perhaps to her brother as well.

The mother walked two steps up to her with a visible gawk. “Are you wearing eye-liner?”

Debra scoffed slowly, “That’s — kind of a silly question, don’t you think? I mean, you’ve me wearing it before, and now you finally say something about it?”

The mother’s look then turned from a gawk into a baffled glare. “Okay, Miss Smarty-Pance, could you at least tell me the reason?”

Debra scoffed again, “You’re hilarious.” After that response, she then walked over to one of the cupboards. Upon pulling one of said cupboards open, she immediately froze. “What happened to the rest of my —?”

“What?” the mother asked.

Instead of specifying, Debra cocked her head and looked back over at the kitchen table. In which, she noticed her brother eating out of his bowl filled with what appeared to be a familiar breakfast cereal. To which, she quickly walked up to the table.

“Yeah,” the brother asked with confusion, while his mouth was half-full, “What?”

Debra gawked and glared at both him and the bowl itself. “Are those my puffs?”

The brother then gawked at her. “You’re what?”

Within half a second, Debra turned back around and faced her mother. “Mom.”

“What,” the mother asked with confusion on her face, “what is it?”

“He’s eating my cereal.”

The mother then looked over to him. He, to which, shrugged (the spoon he was eating with held in his right hand), blatantly admitting to his doing. “So what?”

“Toby,” the mother spoke out to him, “don’t you already have Lucky Charms?”

Toby then swallowed, “I ate’em all.”

Both Debra and the mother gawked at him with appall. The mother responded, “And you never bothered to tell me that?”

Toby shrugged again.

“And why the hell would you take mine without asking?”

Toby quietly scoffed, “Like you were gonna let me have any.”

Debra continued to glare at him, making said glare even more visible. This was the last straw as she walked up closer to him, leaned in, and snatched the bowl that was still sitting in front of right from him; thankfully, there were still a chunk of milk along with many chocolate puffs left within.

“Hey!” Toby shouted.

“Little asshat,” Debra muttered.

“Debra!” shouted the mother.

Debra walked right over to one of the drawers. In which, she pulled out a spoon and pushed the drawer pack in with her rear end. Right then and there, she took one big spoonful of the Cocoa Puffs cereal.

With her mouth hanging open, the mother gawked right at her. “Wha —?”

“What?” Debra murmured.

Seconds later, Toby then rose right off from his chair. By the look on his face, he did not take what his sister had just done well in the slightest. “You’re a bitch.” He then stormed out of the room before heading up the stairs.

“Toby!” the mother shouted. Immediately then, she cocked her head and looked right back over to Debra.

Debra, to which, swallowed and quickly smacked her lips, “Yeah?”

The mother then shook her head as she murmured, “You’re so unbelievable.” On top of that, she stormed right out of the room and headed quickly up the stairs herself.

At first, Debra’s reaction to the ordeal was oblivious. Moments later though, she took one last gulp of what was left in her mouth before placing the spoon into the bowl and immediately placing the bowl directly onto the counter behind her. “Jesus Christ,” she muttered. As it appeared as though she was about to walk out of the kitchen herself, Debra thought twice about leaving a dirty bowl and silver-where on the counter, so she made the wise decision by taking said bowl and putting it into the sink. Right then and there, she finally attempted walk out of the kitchen completely, only to run into yet another person.

That person was none other than her sister, who was younger than both her and Toby. She looked up at Debra with an ambiguous expression.

Debra, on the other hand, looked down at her with surprise. “Morning, Katie.”

“Hi,” Katie greeted lightly.

“Where’ve you been?”


Debra then began looking at her with concern on her face. “Um, not ... that it matters, but ... you didn’t ... hear any of that, did you?”

Katie looked at Debra as though she was struggling to give her an answer; perhaps it was because she was unsure of what Debra was talking about. “Is Toby in trouble for something? Mom was yelling at him.”

Debra slowly opened her mouth, “Honestly, he —” But before she could give a direct answer, she soon realized something. She looked around for about two seconds before looking back to Katie. “Do you know what time it is?”

Katie, again, tried to answer, but found herself unable to.

To which, Debra continued to look around, until she quickly noticed the clock on the microwave. It was 9:35, apparently, which lead her to gasp and mutter, “Shit.” On top of that, she finally stormed out of the kitchen before being the last person within the house to head back up the stairs.

“You said a bad word,” Katie murmured.

While making it half-way up the stairs, Debra (without looking back) firmly responded, “I know and I’m sorry.” After making it back onto the second floor, Debra immediately noticed her mother standing in front of the door to Toby’s room.

The mother did not notice her back as she had her back turned directly towards Debra and was instead faced directly to none other than Toby, whom appeared to be looking up at her while sitting on the side of his bed. Seconds later though, the mother (presumably having heard Debra walk up the stairs) turned around and looked right back at Debra.

It was for a short amount of three seconds though as Debra headed directly into her room. It took her no more than ten seconds to fetch what she was looking for, that being her black zip-up hoodie which had been lying amongst her rolling desk-chair. Immediately after grabbing it off of, she slid the sweater on, zipped it up quickly, then grabbed her backpack (which she realized she had almost forgotten) and walked right back out of the room.

The mother then watched as Debra stumbled back down the stairs. “Debra,” she called out.

“Not now,” Debra responded, right as she made it to the front door, “I’m already running late.” Right then and there, she unlocked, opened, and walked right out said door. Outside in the driveway was a large grey car. Debra made no hesitation to walk right up to it, nor even to try and open it. But much to her oblivion, it was locked, leading her to glare. “Goddammit.”

A second later though, the front door reopened. Behind it was none other then the mother. From where Debra was standing, it was hard to tell what her mother’s reaction was. But as she walked away from the patio and over to the car, she appeared to be, not mad by any means, not certainly not thrilled either. “What’s the problem?”

Debra took a breath, “Well, as you can see, I am standing right beside the car ...”

“But ...?” the mother responded, just as she walked up right beside Debra, whom was standing directly in front of the door to the driver’s seat.

“I tried to get in, but —”

“Through the driver’s door?” the mother said with a gawk.

Debra then cocked her head back and fourth, looking at both her mother and the door. “I was —”

“What?” the mother asked with a shrug.

Debra acted as if she was struggling to finish her sentence, “I was just ...”

“You weren’t trying to take the car, were you?”

Debra shrugged. “I don’t even have the keys.”

The mother reached into her right pocket and pulled out what appeared to be the keys themselves. The mother then held said keys in front of the right-hand side of her head with a slightly visible smirk. “You didn’t seem to know that at first.”

Debra then scoffed as she walked around the front of the car and right over to the passenger seat. After which, the mother clicked the button to unlock the car just before she and Debra opened the doors before finally entering. As soon as the mother sat down in the seat, Debra quickly pulled her hoodie over her head.

The mother looked at her. “Got everything you need?”

Debra then rubbed her back up against the seat. “’believe so.”

To which, the mother then took the keys and placed one of them into the key-slot; doing just that, the car, of course, finally started.

During which, Debra unzipped her backpack and quickly reached into it. As the mother cocked her head back at her, Debra slowly pulled out what appeared to be a small grey container. She then pulled the cap off, revealing it to in fact be black lipstick.

“What’re you doing?” murmured the mother.

“What does it look like?” Debra responded, just before rubbing the first layer onto her lower lip.

The mother than gawked. “Did you really feel the need to put that on?”

“I don’t feel the need to,” Debra added, “I just feel like having it on.”

“Do the other girls at school wear it?”

Debra immediately shrugged. “The hell if I know.”

Immediately from a gawk, the mother’s look then turned into revolt.

“And even if I did ...” Debra then cocked her head and slowly faced the driver-seat-window, adding in a mid-whisper, “I wouldn’t care enough to tell you.”

“Sorry, what?


“What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” Debra responded with dishonesty, “can we just go already?”

After inhaling, the mother the exhaled the words, “Alright, fine.” In a matter of 3-4 seconds, she finally started the car and, moments later, they were finally off.

It took Debra and her mother no longer than ten minutes to get to the front of her school. By the looks of it, classes had not yet started, as there were quite a few students hanging out and about in (and out of) campus. Much to her (and her mother’s) dismay, however, there were at least two familiar faces sitting at the front.

The faces were that of both girls (one blonde and the other brunette) as they were sitting on the nearest bench. But neither of which seemed to notice Debra as she slowly exited the car.

“Don’t forget your bag!” Debra’s mother exclaimed.

“I won’t!” Debra quickly belched out, before immediately pushing the door closed, so hard that it practically slammed shut; to which, her mother sighed.

Just before the car itself was about to leave, one of the two girls sitting at the front of the school turned around and finally noticed Debra walking forth. “Hey,” she spoke out, blatantly to the blonde, “look who it is.”

Upon seeing who it was herself, the blonde loudly though, “Huh, I didn’t think she’d make it ...” After a quick pause, she looked over to the brunette for a brief second. After which, she finished by adding, “At least, not this early.”

But before either of them could say anything else, Debra finally approached. And instead of greeting either of them, she continued to walk forth and stepped directly into campus.

To which, the brunette turned around facing the blonde once again. “That was fast.”

“Don’t feel bummed,” the blonde responded before smirking, “I have plenty in store for us.” In a matter of two seconds, both she and the brunette rose from their seats before walking over into campus themselves.

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