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"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!", Jack screamed from his cell. He slowly started to feel drowsy before passing out. The medicine had gotten to him once again. **Author's note: This story is very low effort, and is only written in when I get a sudden boost of inspiration.**

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Vanishings

The disappearances were strange. They seemed to just happen. Nobody knew who would be next, but they counted the disappeared as dead. Some had been gone for days. Some for a few weeks. Some for a few hundred years. The disappearances started in the year 2020. The year where everyone thought the world would end. The first disappearance was Jack Miller of Florida. His family described there being a big flash, and then he disappeared. But it wasn't only him that disappeared.

His belongings also disappeared. Not just his clothes that he was wearing. Not just the things in his pockets. Everything. This goes from the papers that he'd signed to all the furniture in his house. You may ask how they knew the family wasn't crazy. Well, they didn't at first.

Until another disappearance happened. This time in Missouri. And another, this time in London. After that, more and more people started disappearing. The government of the US issued a national emergency. At the time of the national emergency declaration, there were 126 disappearances in the country, and that number was quickly growing. Today, there are 100,265,164 dead, or gone. At least a week ago. The postal service slowed down. There were no shops. Everyone had their own farms. Humanity has been like this for a hundred years, and it is only to get worse.

Babies are now mass produced in labs. Males are now given no choice in a female, and females are given no choice in males. Anyone between the age of 16-40 has been gathered to be sent to breeding farms. There were some that escaped, however.

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