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A girl finds her ways to the beach , little dose she know she's about to find a strange encounter...

Adventure / Fantasy
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On the way

"Mochi? Mushi? Ugh! Come on you lazy doggos! We're gonna be late ! Mizuki And Cyan are waiting for us at the air port" woof woof? "UGH! Where are the presents! We said we would bring presents!" WOOOF! WOOOOF! "Huh? Aww thanks Mushi , good boi! " Delta would see Mochi her corgi and Mushi her husky trying to get to the two presents . "Ha ha these aren't for you! " She'd grab the presents , her suitcase and passport and leave the house with Mochi and Mushi on a leash behind her.

When they got onto the bus to the airport Mochi and Mushi were asleep , it was early in the day and they were playing all night.*yawn* "well it's not only you two who are tiered -..."

Half an hour later

"Hey Mochi , Mushi were at the air port . Come on!" Wooooof? wOf?

"Hey Delta!!!" A voice called her name..It was Mizuki "Come on its staring to rain!!"

Cyan was their aswell , looks like Delta was late to the party

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